Pharmaceutical giant engineer fanning racist and homophobic racists on board American Airlines

British pharmaceutical multinational GSK has issued drink-fueled racist and homophobic criticism on an American Airlines flight scheduled to depart Philadelphia for Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday. Acted quickly to fire the employee.

A former GSK employee, identified as Zachary Easterly, has been laid off by the London-based pharmaceutical company. The company’s U.S. division described the behavior as “not reflective of our corporate culture” and “reprehensible.”

Eastern Lee was easily identified after loudly bragging to other passengers aboard an American Airlines jet that he was employed by GSK.

The incident was documented by a fellow passenger, and a viral video has now been uploaded to Reddit. He stated that he did not start recording early enough to catch

“A drunken, racist, homophobic man was taken off my flight last night from Philadelphia to Dallas for being inappropriate to the woman in the seat next to him,” a witness said. wrote in a Reddit post.

“Epic meltdown when he was escorted off the plane…the crew handled the whole situation phenomenally well! The crew was amazing.”

The video begins with a flight attendant gently but persistently pushing Eastern Lee to retrieve a bag from an overhead locker. When one flight attendant brazenly intervenes and helps them find the bag, Easterly swears back at them.

“Obviously I’m a white man who takes a black bag because I’m a racist,” he shouted to a captive audience. I didn’t do anything,” he continued.

Ultimately admitting defeat, Eastern Lee attempts to exit the plane, but not before calling the passenger a “liberal fagot” and revealing his position and employer.

It didn’t take long for the internet to identify Easterly’s identity, and retaliation was swift after the video was shared with GSK. said he was fired by

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Mateusz Mashczynski

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