Passengers kicked off flight after yelling racist, homophobic slurs in viral video

A video has gone viral showing passengers being dropped from an American Airlines flight throwing homophobic slurs at flight attendants and fellow passengers.

A clip posted on Reddit’s “r/americanairlines” subreddit earlier this week showed a man claiming to be a GlaxoSmithKline employee trying to help a flight attendant find his carry-on and get off the plane. Sometimes shows how angry and yelling. He also admits to being “drunk”.

“Obviously I’m a white man who chose a black bag because I’m racist,” the man says. “Kick me off the plane because I’m a racist. I didn’t do anything.”

A passenger who recorded the video and posted it on Reddit claims the man was taken off a flight from Philadelphia to Dallas because he was “unfit to be the woman in the seat next to him.”

Witnesses said the man repeated racist slurs before flight attendants began recording.

β€œI wish the liberals would crash the plane, they,” the man yelled at the passengers as he was escorted out of the plane.

The clip was posted to Twitter, with one commenter praising the composure and professionalism of the flight attendants.

Another person, who also claimed to be a GlaxoSmithKline employee, said they planned to “investigate.” On Thursday, he added that “the situation has already been resolved” at the company.

statement sent to LGBTQ Nation Confirmed that the man was fired from the company.

“On Wednesday night, GSK was notified of an incident involving an employee on a flight to Dallas,” the spokesperson wrote. β€œWe immediately conducted an investigation and as of Thursday he is no longer employed by GSK. diversity, equity and inclusion are embraced and celebrated, and we have policies, principles and practices in place to maintain an environment that prohibits discriminatory behavior and provides equal opportunities for all. are working on.”

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