Paige Lorenze felt like Tyler Cameron was ‘using me’ for influence

Paige Lorenz questions Tyler Cameron’s motives for his brief relationship.

24 year old model single The 29-year-old alum ‘use me’ to create a ‘media storm’, claiming to be Sophia Franklin’s Sophia with F podcast thursday.

“This might sound narcissistic because he has some pretty crazy fans, but I felt like he was taking advantage of me. I don’t know. I don’t know. “He was looking at my storyviews and I was getting more storyviews than he was. And he… He literally jokingly said, “We need a scandal.”

Before she and Cameron “met through friends at a party,” Lorenze previously made headlines for dating controversial figures Morgan Warren and Armie Hammer.

Speaking about her past relationships on the podcast, Lorenze said, “I don’t like it about myself, but there are some s in the media about me, especially about my relationships. And he saw an opportunity.” He said he didn’t like me, but I think the reason why he wanted to go public so quickly is because he’s going to launch something soon.”

A representative for Cameron did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenz.
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After a source confirmed to PEOPLE that Lorenze and Cameron were dating in July, he formalized their relationship on Instagram in early August, posting photos of them heading out into the open sea for a “date cruise.” shared.

A week later, Cameron announced on an episode of E! that they were “not dating anymore” and had “taken a step back.” daily pop.

“It wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t good for us,” he said. “I am single, yes.”

“So we’ve stopped dating and are just doing our own thing now,” Cameron continued, adding, “We have a lot of respect and love for each other.”

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At the time, Lorenze also confirmed that she was single and “more focused on her career than ever before,” according to Page Six, explaining that “there was no dramatic breakup or bad blood between us.” Did.

“I’ve always made big life adjustments for my partner in the past, but for now, focusing on me is where I am,” she added. I’m finally getting used to putting myself and my future first, and it feels good.I’m really looking forward to what’s to come!”

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“I didn’t know he was talking to the media,” Lorenze later said in a TikTok comment, adding, “I’m not ashamed. I walked away. It’s just weird.”

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