Open letter to Prof. Ali Panthami regarding seven months of unpaid payments

It is with the utmost humility and a deep sense of duty that I write this letter on behalf of all the agents of the Authorized Private Partners of the Digital Identity Ecosystem Project, to express our collective apologies in relation to the seven months of unpaid express your dissatisfaction. payment. We, agents, are those who use our resources to purchase all necessary registration gadgets as specified by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). In addition, we will sincerely bear all the financial burdens that occur routinely until admission.

No Minister of Communications in the history of Nigeria can match your achievements. Over the last two years, there has been an exponential increase in the enrollment rate of Nigerians in his NIM system. This record registration is, of course, due to an ecosystem project in which licensed private partners were involved in registration activities. This has helped provide jobs for thousands of Nigerians in no small way.

Six months have passed since the last payment, but the federal government is in arrears on seven months’ worth of payments (January to July), and the date of payment is yet to be determined. We used all available channels to communicate our concerns to the principals (licensed companies we work with), but our complaints went unheeded. did.

Sir, it cost me about N1.2 million to buy two licenses and a registration kit. Some had to secure loans from banks, friends and relatives. Most of us are already playing hide-and-seek with our creditors because our loans are well overdue. Many of us have no choice but to suspend enrollment for the time being due to the large daily expenses involved in enrolment. You have to pay the staff and pay a printing fee of N30 per voucher. There are also costs due to maintenance that you have to fight from time to time. Conservatively, your daily and monthly expenses would be N4,700 and N141,000 respectively. We are in urgent need of funds as most of us are small business owners with families and children who look up to us for their daily needs.

If the federal government cannot afford to pay us monthly, we recommend that NIMC act as a guarantor so that we can obtain monthly loans from the respective banks prior to payment. NIMC should facilitate loans so that we are entitled to a loan for every successful and valid registration we perform. This measure alone will solve the funding problem.

On behalf of all front-end partners and their agents, we urge you to prevail against all institutions involved in payments to us and settle seven months of outstanding payments.

Thank you very much.

Jamilu Musa writes via [email protected]

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