Noah Cyrus and Dud Billy Ray Cyrus team up for ‘Noah (Stand Still)’

Noah Cyrus teamed up with his father Billy Ray Cyrus for the first time on an emotional track about addiction recovery.

The song “Noah (Stand Still)” is the latest single from her debut album. the hardest part, dropped on September 16. On a haunting song, 22-year-old Noah recalls her recovery and battle with depression, while reminding her of the wholesome advice Billy Ray gave her daughter.

“When I turned 20, I was overcome/With the thought that I might never be 21,” she sings on the track.

“As you get older, it’s harder to change / You might find yourself alone with just shyness,” sings 61-year-old Billy Ray in response. No/everything will be fine/and in difficult times/remember what I said.”

According to a press release, the inspiration for the track came after Noah visited his father’s home in Nashville, who was in the early stages of his recovery from Xanax addiction. So Billy Ray reminded Noah to feel the earth under his feet, to be rooted in nature, and to stand still. This is a mindset that has been passed down in his family for generations.

“Noah (Stand Still)” is the first time the father-daughter duo has written a song together, but it’s not the first time Billy Ray has shared advice for Noah.

In March 2021, the duo gave an interview to Spotify just before the first Grammy Awards ceremony where she was nominated for Best New Artist. for the record On the podcast, Billy Ray shared some wise words for her.

Billy Ray said on the podcast, “You were horseback riding, you were riding horses. That was your hobby. And suddenly you were making music.” “And I said, ‘She’s for real!’

“And I’m sitting there saying, ‘That’s my Neue! That’s my Neue! Look at her! Dreams are happening,'” he added.

Noah and Billy Ray have shared sweet feelings for each other on social media in the past.In October, the “Percocet” singer shared a TikTok showing a sweet montage of the duo spending time together. He captioned the video, “I wish the days were longer.”

After the song’s release, Billy Ray shared a photo of the cover art on his social media. “So proud @noahcyrus you wrote a great song and gave a great performance,” he wrote. “I’m honored to be a part of this inspiring track. Dropping at midnight on EST. Check it out.”

In response, Noah, 22, said, “Honor is my daddy!!! I am so grateful to be able to share this track I wrote about you. Dad and dad are my hero.” and inspiration.. i love you ❤️”

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Next month, Noah will embark on a North American tour in support of his debut album. During the tour, the singer will make 23 stops in major cities across the country before wrapping up in Los Angeles on November 4th.

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