No Way Home Extended Cut release

Spider-Man: No Way Home It will be released again in theaters in an extended cut. This extended cut simply adds 11 minutes of his running time to the entire film. So should you watch it or not? By the end of this post, let’s answer that question ourselves.

If you want to enjoy this long cut without thinking about the 11 minutes, please close this post now. That’s because there are a lot of spoilers about these extended minutes throughout this post.

However, if you want an overview of what the extended scene is in order to decide whether to book a ticket, this is the post for you.

Additional scenes from the original Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie

spiderman extended cut

The added scenes are somehow good, but nothing magical that makes you want to see it again in theaters. I’ll categorize the scene with pointers for better understanding.

1. Zoom call between Tobey, Andrew and Tom

zoom call

As this extended cut begins, we see a Zoom call between Tobey, Andrew, and Tom. There was a restriction to keep my mouth shut until the movie was released. So, I added this conversation to this extended cut.

2. A glimpse of Tom Holland and his brother

Harry Holland

Harry Holland, Tom Holland’s real-life brother, was cast in this film as a robber who steals something from a store and gets caught by Spider-Man. teases Spider-Man about being an incapable teenage kid.

Just as Spider-Man is about to justify himself, someone comes and throws green paint at him. But in the extended cut, we get to see the full scene of when and how it really happened.

3. Peter’s School Struggle

Peter’s School Struggle

Peter heads to school after his identity is revealed and his difficulties escalate. His gym teacher praises him and asks him to crawl up a wall. He does so in the sense that he looks cool, but soon people around him began to look at him with creepy eyes, which depressed him to some extent.

4. Betty Brant Interview (longest extension)

The next big inclusion is an interview by Betty Blunt, in which she addresses every known friend and foe of Peter Parker. Minute-long inclusions. In this scene, she is interviewing Ned, Flash, the school principal, and other related characters. It’s an interesting conversation, but it doesn’t make for an extended cut worth rewatching in theaters.

5. Aunt May elevator scene

We can see the scene where Aunt May brings all the Spider-Man villains to Happy’s apartment and Peter works on the cure.

6. Happy and Matt Murdock scene

Matt Murdock

In this extended scene, Happy is seen talking to Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). They are sitting right in front of Agent Cleary in the DODC Division. It’s at that moment that Happy receives an alert on his cell phone that someone is entering his apartment.

And you can see Matt Murdock saying Happy. “Stop sweating!” Happy gives a shocking reply. “How can you see that?”

This scene is highly rated because people love the Daredevil character.

7. Interview with J. Jonah Jameson

Some of the added scenes included an interview given by J. Jonah Jameson about Spider-Man’s deeds. Many people have been seen telling him that Spider-Man actually saved him and that he’s a superhero.

8. Toby, Andrew and Tom’s Spider-Man Conversation

As the film draws to a close, we see an extended version of the conversation between Tobey, Andrew, and Tom. They were talking about how Toby could shoot spider webs out of his hand without an external wearable his gadget.

Andrew asked him if he thought of a “web” to release spider webs from the palm of his hand, or something else. To Tobey’s reply, “No, not at all!” In addition to this, there were some statements in this conversation that made you laugh.

9. MJ’s request

closing scene

The full climax scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home It’s the same even without the extra scenes that might make this extended cut worth watching. When I was convinced, an emotional element was added to this scene.

Doctor Strange asks Peter to meet his loved one because there is no time until everyone forgets him. And when he goes to see MJ and tells her of her trust, she asks him to convince Doctor Strange to cast her spell to make him forget not only Peter, but both of them. increase.

And this was about all the extra scenes Spider-Man: No Way Home extended cut. This post is just a verbal description of the scene, but if you still want to have fun, you’ll love how the movie as a whole is arranged.

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