Nick marries his third wife Daniel in a tearful ceremony.

looking for younger sister wifeNick Davis is now a husband of three children.

In an exclusive PEOPLE sneak peek at the TLC show’s season finale on Monday, Nick marries his third wife Daniel and his other wives Jennifer and April by the altar.

“Honestly, I never thought I could be this happy. I never thought this kind of happiness existed until I found this kind of love,” Danielle says, sobbing in her vows. “I have very few words, because is this really my life? Can I really be happy with the people I love most?”

She goes on to say: I don’t want to go anywhere except where I am with the people I love. ”

Daniel takes a deep breath as he snorts about how emotional she’s gotten by telling her wedding guests, “You ugly cry, never mind.”

Next, it is the priest’s turn to pass the microphone to Nick and take the vows. Nick told his three wives, “I have nothing more to say. All I can say is that you are all so beautiful. I love how your selflessness together created this wonderful life.” He spoke to his three wives.

“I’m living my dream. There’s no doubt about it. The way you help me to be the best Nick I can be is something I can’t thank you enough for. Together.” And we are always on the right track,” he adds.

In a unique interpretation of traditional wedding vows, the officiant asks the foursome, “Will you accept each other to have, hold, honor, honor, love and always cherish each other?” I will ask.

“Always, always,” they answer in unison.

“You can now kiss your wife, your bride, your queen, your goddess,” says the priest.

Nick kisses Daniel first, then Jennifer and her growing baby bump, and April kisses last.

“Having three wives and knowing that we all cemented our bond and put it together the way we did is incredible. I just feel like a dream come true.” I feel for…his three wives.

“What I didn’t know I could wish for is what I have been given and recognized. I just love everything about it,” he added.

The officiant concludes the ceremony by declaring that they are all husband and wife.

As the wedding guests stand to applaud, the trailer ends with the Davis family saying in unison to the camera, “We are getting married now!”

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looking for younger sister wife It airs Mondays at 10:00 PM ET on TLC.

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