Nick Kroll says his kiss with Harry Styles on Don’t Worry Darling was completely improvised

To quote the lyrics, Harry Styles and Nick Kroll kissed in the kitchen like it was on the dance floor.

Two actors peck their lips in the opening scene of the thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. darling don’t worry It’s out today (the world premiere of the film at the Venice Film Festival, a kiss they replicated on the red carpet).

However, Kroll told EW that the moment wasn’t scripted and he didn’t discuss it with Stiles before it happened. “It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, let’s kiss on this next take.’ We didn’t have conversations like, “Let’s kiss in front of you.” But thanks to my nieces and nephews and all the teenage girls and boys in the world, my stock has definitely gone up. . ”

Crawl is don’t worry darling Playful and loosely set, it encourages moments in which kissing happens organically. Perfectly encapsulated.

“The opening scene of the movie was the last day of production due to COVID and everything going on,” Kroll explains. “That scene was supposed to be a really fun, loose rat energy high in her pack. Olivia let us play and improvise. It just happened organically. And they We used it in the movie.”

don’t worry darling It follows the happily married Jack (Stiles) and Alice (Florence Pugh). mad men Alice becomes confused when she begins to wonder if everything is really as it seems. Kroll plays a supporting role as Dean, Jack’s neighbor and colleague and Wilde’s bunny husband.

We call Kroll to get some info on his smoothing style, but also why he wants to do more drama and the surreal nature of attending the premiere in Venice. Did.

darling don't worry

darling don’t worry

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So you and Harry, when is the engagement announcement coming?

Nick Kroll: [Laughs] Ironically, Harry was the first to find out I was engaged. Because he got engaged to his wife while filming. So, I was talking to the cast, “What should I do?” And I had this long conversation about what to do before proposing the next day. And I was like, “Yes, and she said yes.”When after that We told our parents so literally he is an active part of my marriage.

All castmates, except Harry, are fairly experienced actors. Tell me more about that working relationship.

You’ll never know he hasn’t acted much.He’s a very natural performer. He was such a stacked cast. Florence is a great actor at a young age and he plays his instruments well. Chris Pine doesn’t usually play villains. He’s so creepy and good in the movie, and Gemma Chan plays his wife in a slightly creepy but elegant way.

I’m playing opposite Olivia, who directs the film. I’m playing her husband In the movie, the director played the role of her husband and was highly evaluated. It was very impressive to see her directing and acting at the same time. Everyone across the board is very good at what they do. You wouldn’t know Harry was in two of her movies. If you’re talented and smart, it’s no surprise that he’s a good actor.

Speaking of playing Olivia’s husband, how did it work for her pulling double duty? was it there?

She was very supportive of how things happened. She wanted to collaborate.But I also knew she would be busy dealing with a lot of things. I don’t think I need to worry too much about you.” “You know what you’re doing. That’s why you’re here. Go. You need something different.” If so, I’ll tell you.” To her credit, when she’s on the scene, she of scene. Then when they call the cut, you’re like, “Oh yeah, you’re overseeing everything that’s going on.” It is very difficult. And never once did she make me feel as if she didn’t exist in a scene with me when she was acting.

So, for example, am I the director’s imaginary husband?

I try to swing my weight around all the time. If anyone knows about me and show business, I like power plays. I like playing games with people. That’s definitely how I got to where I am now. No, it was actually a lot of fun. It was also on the verge of dying from pre-vaccination COVID. It was a very strange time to make a movie. This movie is spooky and thriller. And underneath, the film’s glossy exterior is a much darker story. I think part of the anxiety and spookiness of COVID is somehow in this movie. if not directly.

You play this businessman who is kind of mean. From the clothes to the architecture, what was it like living in that space? mad men Would you like to reboot now?

I’m still waiting for Jon Hamm to sign me off. mad men And in that era, it is very beautiful to see. We shot it at his Kaufmann House, one of the first modern architectural works of the mid-century. I don’t think a movie was ever shot here. Here’s the scene where Chris Pine is giving a big speech at his and Gemma Chan’s house. See this symbol of mid-century modern architecture below. The juxtaposition of these super sleek, modern lines and beautiful craggy mountains – everything about it was so aesthetically pleasing. I have. That push and pull was really fun to exist.

With that push and pull, did the entire cast know the full storyline? Or did Olivia divide things between the cast? Who knew what when?

we were all on the same page.Olivia works in a way that trusts the people working on this film [enough] Give them as much information as she has: let them help you find the best way to do it. I won’t say it, but I really like that feeling: I like to believe that if I give people information, it helps them build their world. Who knows how this world works? There were no secrets about who was there.

Chris Pine is doing something a little different to play this sinister man and you doing a thriller doing something a little different. What was it like for you both to live in this new space?

was fun. It’s always fresh and exciting when I’m allowed to do something that I can’t usually do.Olivia put Asif in the movie [Ali] And me and Kate Berrant are all comedies. Then there’s Harry, who hasn’t done a lot of movie acting, and Chris, who plays a different kind of character. We wanted you to play something that wasn’t always there. That means everyone is out there and excited to be doing something they can’t always do.

The film premiered in Venice and created some very interesting social content out of it. What was that experience like?

This year, whether it’s real or not, it felt like the world was watching. You seem to see Timothée Chalamet walking the red carpet in her backless shirt, and it seems everyone knows why. And it’s like, okay, I think I’m going to go for it. I am in a place where I am not only very excited to be able to do this, but frankly can’t believe I am able to be part of being amused by it all. Wearing a flashy electric blue tuxedo, being photographed in front of the whole world and kissed by Harry Styles.

When you’re a little kid and you think about what it means to be in a movie, it means going to the Venice Film Festival, riding a water taxi, showing up at a fancy party, wearing fun clothes, watching, people. Encounter. I met Steve Buscemi at this festival and became close with him. And at the Venice Film Festival, I can’t believe I’m hanging out with Steve Buscemi, Martin McDonagh, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and all the people I’ve admired for so long.

We all love you for making us laugh, but do you want more drama?

of course. I’ve done some movies that aren’t like this. Oddly enough, I’ve played a lot of his 1960s characters. love When Operation FinaleI have never been in a thriller before. That’s what I feel very lucky in my career, being able to do all sorts of roles and all sorts of media. stand up special little big boy It’s out on Netflix in four days. And it’s far more personal and far more vulnerable than anything I’ve ever done on stage. not. It’s exactly me and my experience when my life went from having a Peter Pan complex to getting married and having kids. It’s very interesting to juxtapose them at the same time. I feel so lucky to be able to do these incredibly different kinds of projects in their own way and equally satisfying.

Was there something that was key for you in understanding how to reconcile the line between the surface level of beauty in this world and the underlying sense of insecurity?

When Olivia told me about it, my character’s name is Dean. You’re the guy who keeps the party going.Everyone’s having fun with Dean.You’ve got that fun vibe.’It’s been really helpful. But underneath, you’re basically in a cult. It was just then that NXIVM and all of the cult stories were published. It was the perfect time to inject some respect into this majestic and sinister underbelly that looks like utopia.

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