New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was furious after his team suffered an “embarrassing” 9-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Manager Aaron Boone continues to struggle with his explanation that the New York Yankees are experiencing a free fall in the second half of the season.

But he hopes New York’s 9-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field on Friday night was a wake-up call.

“It’s an embarrassing loss,” said the normally mild-mannered Boone. We just have to get better. Period.”

The Yankees’ 9-0 loss was their biggest loss of the season. The nine-run difference was their biggest loss since 2 October 2021 against Tampa Bay (12-2). Of the Yankees’ last four losses by nine or more runs, three of them have been against the Rays.

Boone added, “It’s just embarrassing to be beaten like that and go through your own struggles.” I know better than anyone.There will be hard moments and hard times.I think the effort will be there.I think the care will be there.But we will start living in that room It set a better standard than it should have been.”

The Yankees’ lead in the AL East, which reached 15.5 games on July 8, has now dwindled to five games. The last time the Yankees’ division lead was five games or less was at the end of the game on June 1.

But All-Star outfielder Aaron Judge stressed that the slim advantage they currently hold in the American League East cannot be a focus.

“I don’t pay attention to it. Feeling pressured or under pressure is the worst thing you can do,” said the judge. is a game we love and we have to go out every night with enthusiasm and not worry about standings. We’re going to look up and be in the position we want.We can’t sit here and try to press.” I don’t think so. We have a lot of things to do.

Judge was actually one of the few highlights in a Yankees at-bat. After setting his MLB record at his All-Star break, the Yankees have since gone 15-25, with him losing five in his last six games. And many of these results came in the immediate aftermath of aggressive blackouts.

The Yankees have gone 3 runs or less six times, 2 runs or less four times, and 1 run or less twice in their last seven games. The club is batting .105 (4-for-38) and the runners are in scoring position for that stretch. Friday night’s loss was the Yankees’ 12th shutout of the season. They have shutout MLB High six times since early August. His 9-19 (.321) record for the Yankees since Aug. 2 is the worst in the AL, according to an ESPN Stats & Information study.

But the judges said they believed the Yankees had all the tools they needed in the clubhouse.

“They’ve done it. We’ve done it all year, especially to stay at the top of this tough division we’re in. We’ve got everything we need in this room. No one on the outside is going to help.” We, no one feels sorry for us,” said the judge. “Nobody likes to lose. We’ll see what this team does. I’ve never seen a team hope to build momentum into the postseason and win every day.

“We have to bring it in every day. So today is over, tomorrow we have to bring it in. It’s plain and simple. , must be angry. Bring it every day.”


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