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shepherd chimururiyouth interactive correspondent

In the world of e-learning, back to school means new terms for new digital adventures, exciting audio and visuals, e-assignments, and unlimited learning resource materials.

But the success of e-learning program implementations is no accident. It requires preparation, a clear vision and purpose, pre-checking equipment, testing systems and software, buying gadgets wisely, and hard research.

This weekend is the final stage of preparing for the new semester. For early risers, it has become a center of activity for students and teachers doing e-learning to ensure that their computers and other e-learning accessories are in perfect condition.

Jabulani Ncube, a second-year science and engineering student at NUST, said he made sure his computer was in good shape and ready to perform at its optimum level.

“I upgraded my machine from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Windows 11 is better suited for modern browsers. The other software I have installed is Screen Capture, which I’m sure will also help you capture sites that can’t be copied.”

“We urge parents to purchase enough supplies to support their e-learning initiatives. must be brought to

These are now just as important as textbooks and exercise books. The owner must remember to write the serial number of the laptop and protect it with a password.

Taking pictures and storing them on a separate gadget is a good idea to risk theft and recovery. If funds permit, installing a tracker is the ultimate answer,” he said.

Mavis Mugudu, 23, an ICT teacher at Blessed Junior School, said the back-to-school was focused on ensuring the school’s computers were loaded with age-appropriate and useful content for learners. .

“Recently, there has been very little exciting digital content for lower grades. I see young learners enjoying learning through games, so I was able to source some for them. I also had a lot of plans for my e-learning program this semester, so I decided to have a Computer Skills Day. We plan to engage key stakeholders who contribute.

“Earlier this year, our school decided to introduce students’ computer skills to parents to understand and assess what their children are doing. can operate computers, so this event will be a reflection of the work we have done this year,” she said.

Anthony Binghi, 18, is a bottom sixth grader at a private college in the Avenue area and doesn’t have kind words for a school that doesn’t have a proper back-to-school e-learning plan.

“Schools need to ensure that ICT teachers return to avoid the inconvenience of finding teachers after opening, as they did earlier this year.

“We went without an ICT teacher for a month, which robbed us of many opportunities to use the new computer lab,” says Bingi.

“Another important thing is that ICT teachers should check if computer accessories such as mice, keyboards, cables, outlet adapters are working. Toner cartridges and bond paper are also available in advance. need to do it.

“It motivates students to see teachers looking for these resources on the day of class, even though tuition is paid in advance,” he said.

Best of all, this back-to-school season is the perfect time for teachers to develop their computer skills. They must refuse to teach the way they learned.

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