Named one of the 100 best coffee shops in the US according to Yelp reviewers.

(NEXSTAR) – Fix your bucket list, coffee snob.

No matter how you drink your morning coffee — black, iced, or with the dreaded mayonnaise — you know it’s quality cup of coffee. But with thousands of shops claiming to promise just that, it can be daunting for any serious Java drinker to break out of their usual routine and try something new or different.

To help with that, Yelp analysts have compiled a list of the 100 best coffee shops in the US based entirely on ratings and recommendations from Yelp’s reviewer community. However, Yelp’s list of “top coffee shops” isn’t just about rating each shop’s coffee, it’s often about reviews that rate service, atmosphere, snacks, and even the availability (or lack thereof) of mayonnaise. Note that it is based on

Below are the 25 best coffee shops in America, according to an analysis of Yelp reviews and ratings. A complete list of the Top 100 can be found on

  1. Yo Farm Coffee Roaster, Las Vegas, NV
  2. Cafe Makario, Everett, Washington
  3. Ovation Coffee & Tea, Portland, Oregon
  4. Cafe Sapientia, Oak Park, CA
  5. Pangolin Café, Reno, NV
  6. Patria Coffee Roasters, Compton, CA
  7. Mission Blue, San Francisco, California
  8. The Cuppo Coffee & Tea, Jersey Village, TX
  9. Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea, Ventura, CA
  10. Tim Is Making Great Coffee, San Juan Capistrano, CA
  11. AT Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop, Phoenix, AZ
  12. Quince Coffee House, Denver, Colorado
  13. French’s Food Truck, Brooklyn, New York
  14. The Red Bud Cafe, Daytona Beach, Florida
  15. VigiLatte Artisan Coffee, Lahaina, Hawaii
  16. Calusa Coffee Roasters, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  17. Whistle & Fizz, New York, New York
  18. Crepe Shop, Chicago, Illinois
  19. Wolf Club Coffee Roasters, Tacoma, WA
  20. Lodi Coffee, North Charleston, South Carolina
  21. Koana, Mountain View, Hawaii
  22. Modern Rose, Deerfield Beach, Florida
  23. Enderly Coffee Co., Charlotte, North Carolina
  24. Burly and The Bean, Seaside, Oregon
  25. Local Coffee, Montclair, New Jersey

In addition to the list, Yelp has also created an interactive map highlighting all of America’s “Top Coffee Shop” locations. A quality coffee shop.

Isn’t coffee your cup of tea? Yelp previously published rankings of the best craft breweries, wineries, pizzerias, margaritas, pies and even burritos in every state. However, very few are served with mayonnaise.


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