Mets’ series win over Dodgers isn’t worth the big picture

The Mets won Game 7.

September 1 was much less important than October 25, the scheduled date for this year’s NLCS Game 7.

But does that mean the big picture? The Mets beat the Dodgers 5-3 at Citi Field on Thursday, with less pace and grace than the first two games of the series.

The Mets won the 3-game series and season series 4-3. Hence, Game 7 between the Dodgers and Mets, the team with the all-time NL record. A team that seemed to be on the NLCS crash course most of the year. The Mets outscored the Dodgers in his seven games, he’s 25-24, showing how closely the New York vs. Los Angeles game was played.

And now (sorry) a disclaimer. It’s great that the Mets handed the Dodgers their first series loss since his July 25-27. Is it the last time you do it? The Nationals with the NL’s worst record. It’s great that the Mets won his series in his 2022 season against the most dominant club in the sport. That’s the Pirates he lost 5-1 against the Dodgers, but he still has the second worst record in the NL.

The Mets once beat the Dodgers, 10-1, 49-18, before winning the NLCS in 1988. lost to Los Angeles in seven games.

Brandon Nimo (right) was picked up by Francisco Lindor after scoring in the seventh inning.
Brandon Nimo (right) was picked up by Francisco Lindor after scoring in the seventh inning.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

So I hate to spoil the obvious themes, especially since those games were so much fun, had big crowds, and had more passion than the regular regular season games. Careful approach to extracting information and meaning from Max Scherzer has this to say about the series: They are big game. They feel big, but no stakes. Play long enough and you’ll know it’s different when the season is approaching. ”

Scherzer, who started in Game 7 of the World Series in 26 postseason appearances, said, “It’s a totally different vibe when you win or go home. And we’re not there yet.”

Lindor, who has played in Game 7 of the World Series, said: Fans are really into them. But the anxiety, tension and butterflies are not there yet. … We now know there is a tomorrow.

Buck Showalter admitted the Dodgers were in “another mode” recently. The Dodgers went on a two-game losing streak on the first day of September after he went undefeated two games through August. They have his 90 wins. If they don’t win again, it might be enough to win the NL West.

Scherzer said the Dodgers have already sealed the division, but the Mets have a lot of work to do to keep the Braves in check in the NL East. And the Dodgers played Thursday like a club with a little looser gas, without familiar refinements, especially second baseman Gavin Lux. A great all-around effort by , which took advantage of its many shortcomings.

And as Showalter said, “It was nice to prove I could play with them.”

The Dodgers played an “A” lineup throughout the series, leading the majors by averaging 5¹/₂ runs per game, scoring just eight points in three games.

Chris Basitt pitches in the Mets' win over the Dodgers on Thursday.
Chris Basitt pitches in the Mets’ win over the Dodgers on Thursday.
Robert Sabo of NY POST
The Mets won the season series against the Dodgers.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

In the finale, Chris Bassitt calmed down from a difficult second inning—helped by bad baserunning from Lux and poor third base coaching from Dino Ebell—to block over six minutes behind with two outs in the third. did. Debate over when to turn on the stadium lights to keep the Dodgers to two runs in six innings.

Max Muncy and Justin Turner hit three-run homers off a flat Edwin Diaz slider in the eighth inning, each coming within a few feet. Only the second run scored from a close game for the Mets. Lacking the best slider, Diaz rounded out his eighth place with a 102.8 mph fastball over Lux.

Adam Ottavino pitched a stress-free 9th, and the Mets secured a series win and season series win over the Dodgers. They won this game 7.

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