Meet Joey Meneses, the personification of baseball’s unpredictability

At 4:01 p.m. ET on Aug. 2, two hours before the 6 ET MLB trade deadline, the Washington Nationals announced that outfielder Juan Soto would be traded for a prospect-rich six-man package. announced the dispatch of first baseman Josh Bell to San Diego. Padres player. The Nationals didn’t miss Soto’s exit more than anyone else. Nevertheless, they unsurprisingly led the tweets with those who got, not those who gave up.

At 5pm ET, Nats made another tweet. publication: They contacted Triple A and called two unnamed newcomers to replace Soto and Bell.

At 6:26 PM ET, the team announced the line-up without Soto and Bell for that night’s game against the Mets. The tweets were expressed as a ratio. Because look at these surnames. How many initial names can most baseball fans fill in?

of overworked jokes Mets starter Jacob deGrom, whose season debut has been postponed due to injury, will find facing the newly deconstructed Knotts less difficult than the Triple-A team he rehabilitated. , he allowed only one run in five frames. After he left, however, Knott scored four more runs, one of which came off the bat of Meneses, who hit a home run in his first major league hit.

Meneses was the second great story Dave Martinez wrote his name in that much-mocked lineup.At 30 years and 88 days, he is the eighth-oldest player to make it to the major leagues this year. . Born in Culiacan, Mexico, he bounced around baseball, washing the Braves, Phillies and Reds through his Sox system before signing with Washington in January. He had previously played in the Mexican Pacific League, Japan Pacific League, Olympic and Caribbean his series. Overall, he had amassed nearly his 5,500 professional at-bats in his 12 years as a professional before breaking through at the Nuts as a direct result of the Soto trade.

“I’m a person. I’m a human being. Sometimes this has been really hard,” he said in late July. How can I say this? I’m losing time Or, “Why did you choose this?” But come back in a day or two and keep working to get there. When the season began, the ZiPS and Steamer systems predicted that Soto would be baseball’s most valuable player. Both predicted that if Meneses eventually made it to the majors, he would be roughly an alternative level player. When he did, it was as a real replacement for the worst team in baseball, but he wasn’t picky about the situation. Ever since I was little, that’s been my everything.”

Still, the home run he hit wasn’t a career capper, but it was the first of a month’s worth of memorable moments. . 7th major hit in total, 4 target hits. In a post-game interview on the field, the announcer summarized the situation as follows: Until a month ago, few people knew who Joey was. Now, a do-or-die scenario is synonymous with “get-it-to-joey time.” And well, why? He’s hitting .354/.385/.626. Since the day he debuted, he has been one of the top 20 hitters in baseball. He has the most hits and total on-bases in his first 25 games of his career since Bo his bichet in 2019. Dragon Ball Character Goku. “When I stop playing baseball, I want to become a Super Saiyan.” After all, I didn’t have to stop in the first place. he’s already done

Meneses wasn’t the first to come out and have had a hot month (although few players have suffered this burn recently). What makes this case special is that Meneses wore very large shoes. bigSoto has hit a good shot with his new team, but it’s not. Meneses Good; people probably aren’t talking about “Time to Juan” based solely on his behavior since August 2nd.

That means Meneses beat out the centerpiece of what ESPN’s Jeff Passan called “the biggest deal in the century-and-a-half history of Major League Baseball.” The Padres traded half of their farm system for Soto, a superstar, and Soto’s scrub replacement, which any team could get, beat him. For a full month, Meneses has outperformed players in his position in the same primary. He was his second in the starting lineup by a right fielder for the Knots, behind Soto. He regularly beats Ted Williams in his NL MVP voting last year where he finished second. He won a home run in his Derby this season and just before he was traded he turned down a $440 million extension offer. According to FanGraphs WAR, Menese’s rating is slightly lower than his Baseball-Reference’s, but Menese is Twice It’s worth as much as Soto and more than three times the value of Soto and Bell combined. (Funny enough, Luke Voight, the throw-in first baseman the Padres sent to D.C., has also outdone Bell since the trade. At least Josh Hader… ah.)

Meneses, Soto, Bel since trade

name TMs PA AB Bachelor OBP SLGMore human resources wRC+ war
name TMs PA AB Bachelor OBP SLGMore human resources wRC+ war
Joey Meneses WSN 104 99 .354 .385 .626 7 180 1.0
Juan Soto SDP 105 82 .256 .413 .427 3 147 0.5
Josh Bell SDP 111 92 .185 .318 .293 2 85 -0.2

Now, I’m not saying that Nats thought Soto was useless. Nor am I saying that the Padres should have kept the front-runner powder dry and set their sights on Meneses. Nothing that happened was foreseeable or sustainable, except that Soto posted his OBP above 0.400. What I mean is that this is hilarious in a “man planned, god laughs” kind of way. (meaning .) There was a lot of work done before the trade deadline, a lot of teams making tough decisions and dreaming of things getting a little better. And unless Meneses (rhymes with “retreat”) forms a crater between now and he October who When Soto switched cities, he had to play right field. This might be the most valuable addition the team has made.

It makes no sense, and it makes perfect sense. Joey Meneses personifies the unpredictability of baseball.

Soto is in his 23rd season and has been a great hitter for five years in the majors.Spent Menesah his The 23-year-old season had a .625 OPS in High A’s. It’s not that he hasn’t hit at all. His Triple-A Career His OPS is .840, and he came close to that this year. Before being called up, he was hitting .286/.341/.489 in Triple-A Rochester. According to ZiPS creator Dan Szymborski, the triple-A performance is roughly on par with the major .260/.303/.430 lines, which equates to his 110 OPS+. Admirable, but far from blog-worthy.

So how did Meneses make the major look so much easier than triple A? When in doubt, follow Boros’ Law as laid down by Sabermetrics’ Boros McCracken.

Meneses is up to 99 at-bats (and 104 at-bats), but songs with small sample sizes still fit the majority. If you want to be a wet blanket, note that Meneses has a .378 BABIP against .273 in Soto, San Diego. Meneses has more expected stats (based on the quality of his batting) than most other hitters, but Soto falls well short of him. Since the trade, Meneses has 18 strikeouts and he has four walks, while Soto has 13 strikeouts and he has 22 walks. I think you’re saying there’s a sneaking suspicion that Juan Soto could be better at baseball than Joey Meneses despite the discrepancies in surface stats since August 2nd. Technically, the outfield transition from Soto to Meneses may not be as smooth as the transition from Bryce Harper to Soto.

Meneses’ magic month wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for a few butterfly flappings. barely Missed He hit a walk-off home run of his own in the ninth, which would have ended the game before it was time for Joey to close in on the clock. , there is someone who gives them a reason stand upAnd there’s a reason I’m not a Nats fan. that’s all One reason is that I check my team’s box scores every day in hopes of being wowed by Meneses.

*Speaking of statistical marvels, Hernández hasn’t hit a home run in 540 plate appearances this season. Last year, he also hit 21 homers in 30 plate appearances.No qualified hitter have approached To get a goose egg that year after hitting as many home runs as Hernandez did last year. The season he hit 21 or more homers for the fewest home runs he has hit five, and the most home runs he has hit for anyone who hit 0 homers the following year while qualifying for his title is 12. .Who won’t win deep.I want to see if Aaron Judge can hit 62I would love to see if Cesar Hernández can make it zero.? (Okay, I Also I want to see if the judges can hit 62.)

More than 250 players will be big leaguers for the first time this year, and MLB is on track to break last year’s debut record of 265. Many of this year’s arrivals were rare talents whose arrival was heralded. Some thrived, others burst into flames. I don’t think there is anyone who left an impression on me like Meneses. Meneses was a reminder of how weird, wonderful, and extremely silly a sport baseball is.

Even in Meneses’ heroic run, Knott went 9-17, the second-lowest number of victories in the sport during that period. His Cinderella his Slash his line may not last this season, let alone next year. Soto is up for the Hall of Fame, and Meneses is most likely destined to be remembered by a subset of Nuts his fans. That’s why, if the baseball gods are good, Menesesmania still won’t go away. Soto has been reminding the fans of the team from years ago what they lacked, give Menese another month to remind him what they have.

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