Media appearances sponsored by Aaron Donald included an effort to block publicists from asking questions about the helmet incident

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Six days after Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald became the talk of the league, Donald didn’t want to talk about the incident.

He gave a media tour on Wednesday to promote the product.It’s easy returnPlayers submit to interviews knowing that they will have the opportunity to promote their products.

Generally, no effort is made to limit the subject matter of the interview portion of the question. There are sometimes. Sometimes the interviewer will respond. The interviewer may politely explain what questions need to be asked. Frankly, it is inappropriate for the person being interviewed to try to apply restrictions to the topic being discussed, so sometimes the interviewer simply cancels the interview.

Donald’s appearances included a spot with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. In a highly unusual move, a PR person actually interrupted the segment after Gelb asked too many questions about the helmet-swinging flaca from a joint practice with the Bengals in Los Angeles.

Here are the relevant excerpts:

Gelb: “What happened at joint practice last week? Because I saw a video of you guys waving your helmets? And people were wondering what was going on there.”

Donald: “It was just practice. Obviously, people got phones and stuff like that. But I’m not going to sit down and talk about the negative things that happened in practice. My main The focus is buffalo.”

Gelb: Was there any internal punishment?

Donald: “We talked. We talked…”

Gelb: “Were you thinking maybe a suspension or something?”

Spokesperson: “Hey Zach, Aaron’s here to talk today, so I’ll just focus here. [product we have no compulsion to mention]2 minutes left. If you want to move on to the last question, go ahead. “

Mr. Gelb then tried to ask one more question about the case to his credit. He asked what caused the fight. Donald skillfully twisted it into a pitch for his product. And that was it.

I’m sorry. Donald ultimately faced no real accountability for engaging in an inherently dangerous act. The league inexplicably couldn’t suspend him, and the Rams predictably didn’t. Later, while on a paid media tour that included the ability to interview him in exchange for the chance to sell a product, Donald asked a quick question about what had blown him so hard and shocking. I didn’t want to answer

He should have canceled or postponed the media tour. He certainly doesn’t need the money. He definitely doesn’t need a headache.

Again, neither was the man in the football helmet hit hard The football helmet he wore last Thursday.

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