MBTA Introduces New Green Line ‘Supercar’


Authorities have awarded more than $810 million in contracts to deliver longer, safer and more accessible trains from 2027.

People boarding the Green Line train at Union Square Station. Karlin Steele/Boston Globe

As the MBTA manages the massive Orange Line closures and addresses concerns expressed in a scathing federal report released this week, the word “super” is being used by many to describe America’s oldest It’s not a word you associate with the agency behind the subway system. But that could change in the coming years, at least when talking about the Green Line.

MBTA leadership voted this week to approve the construction and delivery of more than 100 new Green Line “supercars.” Officials say this will greatly increase the capacity and safety of the vast line.

The agency’s board of directors has invested CAF USA Inc. with 102 vehicles and 810 million dollars, along with the test equipment, special tools, training simulators, and other resources employees need to operate the new vehicles. I signed a contract for more than a dollar.

The Type 10 supercars will replace the obsolete Type 7 and Type 8 Green Line trains. T estimates that the first supercar won’t be delivered and put into service until his spring of 2026. At that time, four pilot vehicles will be delivered to Boston. Starting in the spring of 2027, T said he hopes to have two supercars in operation in May by 2031.

The supercar will be 40 feet longer than the regular Green Line trains in use today, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo told A 32-inch clear walkway runs through the center of each train.

Wider door openings increase passenger capacity, boarding efficiency and accessibility. The new trains will also be more accessible, with consistent low-floor boarding eliminating the need for passengers to use stairs to board. Bridge plates are available on all of the car’s double-leaf doors and provide four priority areas for riders with wheeled mobility devices.

Unlike current Green Line trains, supercars will have full-width enclosed cabs at the end of each train. According to documents presented at the board meeting, fewer employees will be required to drive the car. The design also reduces the chances of operators noticing “unwanted distractions,” he said.

In addition to safety and accessibility upgrades, the supercar will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, Pesaturo said. Special information screens are placed throughout the train to help passengers easily locate the complex MBTA subway system.

The latest crash safety technology has been added to the vehicle to provide a safer experience for riders and employees. Nearly unprecedented inspections this year by the Federal Transportation Administration revealed that T.

The design phase of the project is expected to begin this fall. During this phase, designs for depots, signaling systems and vehicle maintenance facility upgrades are finalized. The first supercar simulator for training will be delivered by fall 2025.

CAF manufactures and assembles vehicles and other components at its plant in Elmira, New York and another location in Spain.

The new Type 9 Green Line vehicles entered service in late 2018. It is also made by CAF. In total, the company has delivered 24 of his new vehicles to the Green Line.

T has also tried to integrate the new Orange Line trains in recent years. In June, the agency took all of these cars out of service due to battery problems. pulled the vehicle to

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