Mariners enter Highlander Protocol, lose Julio, regain Jared, win 9-5

Julio Rodriguez is fine.

All others were stopped in the bottom of the first inning as George Kirby struggled with command and scored a walk to the mound from Cal Rowley. While meetings on the mound unfolded, the outfielders converged and Julio began to express back discomfort he had missed in recent days as he wrestled the longest professional season of his young career. His dismissal paled in comparison to the rest of the game, even though he doubled on the first pitch of the game to take a 3-0 lead.

Their stars have been sidelined, and it’s been a really bad day for Kirby.In a season full of fun firsts for the talented new right-hander, we picked up a few more sinister ones today. The first game where multiple walks were allowed, the first failed to produce a single swing, missed one of the off-speed pitches, and failed to get past the starting three in the first. Disappointment abounded when he erased his 3-run lead and left M at the bind to see him go into the top of the 4th inning down 5-3. Collapse felt imminent. And it wasn’t.

Yesterday, I wondered if the return of Jared Kelenic was a sign of hope, or of despair and doom. Kellenick’s performance today was nothing short of saving the game, despite an utterly hysterical moment that made me laugh out loud enough to scare anyone nearby (as Brian puts it, until the end. please look).

On Day 4, when I stuck a mug in the microwave again trying to warm my sunken heart, Kellenick took advantage of Oakland Athletics starter Adrian Martinez. .

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more angry swing or home run trot. Kellenick had walked his four pitches in previous at-bats, so his first swing of the day had two sit-ups’ worth of frustration. Are you frustrated that his season is going much differently than he would have liked? First of all, the organization that handed him over at the beginning of September for Taylor Trammell? With himself having too much trouble in both the month and his previous stint for not showing up to help his teammates and their flagged lineup? Yesterday we mentioned Gandalf and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but all afternoon the intensity emanating from Kelenic’s pores might have been enough to scorch the grass in Oakland like he was the Ghost Rider. not.

Kellenick’s big fly cut the lead to 5-4, and Reiner’s hustle double into the gap (off the lefties!) followed Thailand France’s leadoff double to tie it up again.

It was great to hit a home run off of Martinez, but the sixth inning, even if it was a 3-0 pitch, was the most impressive of his afternoon, and of the Seattle Mariners beyond Rodriguez’s health. It was the most important part.Kellenic’s struggle was sued nausea I had a particularly hard time dealing with lefties. If Seattle hadn’t beat Julio and needed Louis Torrence to pinch-hitter Jesse Winker right after Kelenic, I suspect they would have taken Jared down on the spot. Instead, with Cal Lawry grounding and failing to take France out of 3rd, Kelenic had to come up with something good enough to get the Glacier All-Star out of 3rd. He did so authoritatively. Twice in three days he had a wonderful day out for a walk, with high hopes on the shoulders of the 23-year-old and a future that once seemed so certain is now full of doubt. From, it’s as good as anyone’s dreamed of. Kellenick hasn’t always made himself the most sympathetic figure, but the young man has every chance to find his stride again and carve out a role in the lineup, clubhouse and supporting fanbase. I worked hard.

Adam Frazier’s double made 5-5 7-5, captain Slapdick’s special poke on the left with two outs and Dave Sims’ special “yyyeeuuuuuh, you don’t want to be tagged there!” did.

M comfortably played add-ons in the seventh and eighth, and more impressively, their bullpen combined to keep Oakland scoreless the entire rest of the way for a 9-5 win. rice field. The hope now is that Julio’s health is manageable enough so that it doesn’t turn into a true Pyrrhic victory. While it’s fairly easy to sit for an entire weekend of the year and benefit from four or more days of rest, a stint in IL is not inconceivable, and even then the final round of the Oakland series at the beginning of October, or the subsequent Get him back quickly after the start of the four-game Detroit Series. For humans, it’s probably a harbinger of better things to come.

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