Longtime fans say there’s one big problem with dancing with the stars

Since 2005, dance with the stars Kristy Yamaguchi, Shawn Johnson, Bindi Irwin, and Rumer Willis are just a handful of celebrities who have appeared in the series. and shocked audiences with their ability to not only excel in their industry, but to knock DWTS The viewer also takes off their socks.

But after so many seasons and so many winners, fans are a little disillusioned dance with the stars, and in a Reddit thread, they identified one major problem with the series. that problem? The fact that the show’s producers seem to prefer certain professional dancers over others. should do it I won, I didn’t.

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Derek and Julianne Hough are touted as gods, say longtime fans…

Derek and Julianne Hough succeeded in ‘taking over’ the dance world dance with the stars and the venture inspired by it. But long-term viewers say it’s not fair.

In fact, fans on Reddit seem to share the unpopular opinion that neither brother is as great as the show’s producers clearly think they are.

One of the highest-rated comments confessed, “I can’t stand either of the Huff brothers.” Another said, “Derek is tremendously talented and I think he’s a great choreographer/dancer, but I have to admit I can’t stand him either.

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Yet another commenter added, “Derek and Julian are great dancers. They’re not the heroes or gods that the show makes of them.”

These comments were followed by another fan’s opinion, summarizing that Julianne and Derek seemed to have gotten the best of partners, while the other dancers seemed to get what they got — You can still win some contests (and sometimes even find a romantic partner).

As the show expands its viewer base, in part by bringing in lesser-known contestants, commentators have wondered if there will be a balancing shift for Huff.

Viewers think the show has a lot of room for improvement

The original Reddit thread asked for unpopular opinion, DWTSmany opinions turned out to be quite common.

For one thing, commentators tended to agree that there are far more deserving contestants that Derek and Julian didn’t win just because they got too many credits and weren’t affiliated with Huff. .

This sparked a conversation about how some of the best performances didn’t get the scores viewers expected. ’ and admitted that he was still bitter.

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In short, viewers who have watched multiple seasons of the show want more transparency about how dancing couples pair up and how scores are calculated.

Viewers suggested that the score had ballooned to “ridiculous” levels in recent seasons, and that “everything went downhill when the orchestra was removed.”

There was also controversy regarding longtime host Tyra Banks, who people often get mad at for various reasons.

Unfortunately, given how tolerant DWTS It looks like things will change, but fans don’t think things will get better.

Will Derek and Julianne always be the heart of DWTS?

Many of the opponents did not say they would stop monitoring, but dance with the starsthey expressed their outrage over how the show had changed — negatively, from their perspective — over the years.

One commentator suggested, “The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are going to be the show’s death.” Bachelor Contestants) Somehow we’ll make it to the finals.

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So while the show has expanded its contestant standards, viewers don’t seem to think that makes a difference – or takes Huff out of his god/goddess position.

Still, the series shows no signs of waning in popularity. Redditors have likely made up a small portion of the show’s audience since the show’s inception. 31st term 2022.

And while some of the show’s early celebrities were big names in Hollywood, there that is Some obscure competitors (who are not) participating in the series Bachelor National Survivor).

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