Leonardo DiCaprio, Would You Like To Date Someone Your Age? | | Arwa Madawi

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Leonardo DiCaprio turns into a creepy old man?

25 years is a milestone year. This is when the development and maturation of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for impulse control and decision making, is finally complete. At 25, he has reached maturity and has a fully formed brain. As is often observed, the 47-year-old actor seems unable to associate with anyone over the age of 25.

Obviously, it’s not at all unusual for rich men to date women half their age. It earned its name (Leo’s Law). A few years ago, a Reddit user plugged all of DiCaprio’s relationships since 1999 into Excel, showing that DiCaprio has aged steadily and many of his girlfriends have remained frozen in time. Viral made his chart. Available: DiCaprio split with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, just months after his 25th birthday.

Breakups are rarely fun for everyone involved, and making fun of them is somewhat mean. Leo’s recent breakup has been the subject of much laughter online. sample jokes: “Titanic turns 25 this year. At that point, I think Leonardo DiCaprio won’t want to ride it anymore.”) There were also some interesting theories. “[E]Everyone assumes he broke up with these 25-year-olds,” says author and comedian Meredith Dietz. murmured.[W]It does happen that once a woman’s brain finishes developing, she realizes she doesn’t want to be with Leonardo DiCaprio. ”

Leo’s Law has sparked a lot of jokes, but seeing middle-aged men refuse to date someone old enough to rent a car without paying an underage driver’s fee? is actually not that funny. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that big age gaps in relationships automatically become problematic or predatory. It is entirely possible for her two consenting adults to have a healthy and fair relationship, even with a significant age gap. However, when a man consistently dates women half his age, it feels like a major flag. I suspect that it is.

Of course, many men would say this is garbage. I can guarantee that the moment this article goes live, millions of misogynists will sneak up on my Twitter mentions to let you know there is nothing creepy about DiCaprio. In other words, DiCaprio is just following his evolutionarily determined instincts. We know that men generally seek out younger partners, but scientists aren’t sure if that’s “natural” or social. Some believe that it is due to what jurist Catherine McKinnon calls the “eroticization of female subordination.”

Data supporting the latter theory show that the age difference between partners decreases in countries with greater gender equality. A paper on the subject states: “As gender equality progresses, women prefer older men less, and men prefer younger women less, so the gender gap in mate preference has narrowed.”

Anyway, I’m not here to resolve the controversy that has raged on for decades. I’m here to urge you to. Leo’s law is really outdated.

Avoiding marriage and children benefits American women more than men

According to Bloomberg, “In 2019, single women without children had an average wealth of $65,000 compared to $57,000 for single men without children. I did.” This is just the latest evidence that society punishes women for having children (the “motherhood penalty”).

Is overthrowing Roe backfiring for the Republican Party?

A Wall Street Journal poll found that abortion was the number one issue driving people to vote.

The researcher who conducted the poll said, “Republicans were doing well, Democrats were struggling.” did.”

Is Italy’s first female prime minister bad for women?

If right-wing Giorgia Mellon becomes prime minister (as is widely expected), history will be made. But that is unlikely to be a triumph for feminism. Many activists fear her policies will set back women’s rights.

Nourah bint Saeed al-Qahtani was reportedly sentenced to 45 years in prison after a Saudi court found her guilty of “using the internet to shed tears”. [Saudi Arabia’s] social fabric”. This came shortly after a Saudi PhD student was sentenced to his 34-year prison sentence for using his Twitter. Those who bought Saudi Arabia’s lies about reform and modernization are complete idiots.

The censorship machine that wipes out China’s feminist movement

A few months ago, a video of a group of women being violently attacked in a restaurant went viral, sparking outrage and debate about women’s rights in China. Days after the video went viral, the social media platform Weibo announced her zero tolerance policy for users spreading “harmful remarks.” Does that mean they cracked down on misogyny? No. They started censoring feminists, as The New Yorker reports.

Ariel Koren resigned from Google, claiming Google tried to retaliate for her actions.

While we are subject to digital censorship, Ariel Koren systematically silences “voices of Palestinians, Jews, Arabs and Muslims concerned about Google’s complicity in Palestinian human rights abuses” Koren is not the only Google employee to accuse the company of reprisals for their activities, although Google says it has done no such thing. In 2019, two female employees resigned and said they faced retaliation after organizing a strike against Google’s sexual misconduct policy.

Global population is skewed male, but will be gender equal by 2050

By 2021, there will be approximately 44 million more men than women in the world. However, the UN predicts that by 2050 it will average out due to various demographic trends.

Puoptriarchy week

The economy is in the toilet, but some enterprising souls have found ways to make money that will withstand the recession. It’s singing a song about poop. Toddlers love to yell “poo” to their Alexa-enabled devices. If you’re a musician who doesn’t care about the scat theme and knows a thing or two about SEO optimization, you can finally make the bank and please a toddler audience. increase. The song Poopy Stupid Butt, for example, has been streamed nearly 10 million times on Amazon Music, bringing in nearly $10,000 to the couple behind it and giving a whole new meaning to “flash for cash,” according to BuzzFeed. rice field.

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