Lee Drummond shares sweet birthday post for ‘Mighty’ daughter Paige

On Wednesday, Lee Drummond sent his daughter Paige some love.

In honor of my daughter’s 23rd birthday, pioneer woman The 53-year-old star shared a sweet tribute to her on Instagram.

“Paige. My beautiful, strong Paige. These photos show some of her many facets. Working girl, cowgirl, horse lover, graduate, daughter, sister, friend,” said Alex, Bryce, Lee, who is also Todd’s mother, writes. and her adopted son Jamal.

Her heartfelt message included a carousel of photos of Paige’s big milestones and special moments — since graduating college this year, she hugged one of the horses at Drummond Ranch.

The last photo was especially special. It was a throwback photo featuring Lee’s late mother-in-law Nan holding Paige as a baby.

“She’s always the girl in the last picture.Nan was holding her in that picture.I’m thinking how proud she is of her granddaughter today…and Nan Paige with her What you have.❤️ Happy Birthday, Paige!” she wrote.

Paige was feeling all the love on her big day. “I love you mom!! ❤️ I’m glad I’m tall otherwise I would still have those legs :-),” she quipped in the comments section.

In May, Ree spoke to PEOPLE about how proud she was of her youngest daughter’s accomplishments before graduating from the University of Arkansas.

“I’m so excited for her. She’s had an amazing four years,” the Food Network star told PEOPLE. But she’s doing fine.”

Lee has a lot to brag about Paige’s accomplishments.Paige, now 23, graduated with honors and had jobs lined up in Dallas.

“I really enjoy watching her. I can’t believe she’s ready to graduate. It feels like it was just yesterday that I sent her off to college,” she added.

Lee Drummond/Instagram

Later that month, Ree shared a family photo from the memorial service. Her first feature featured Lee and her husband Rudd posing next to smiling graduates.

“We celebrated Paige this weekend. 🎓She’s definitely ready for the next phase of her life! (As for me, I’m ready for a nap,” she said.) I have captioned the post.

Paige, decked out in graduation regalia, posed for photos with her siblings, grandparents, and other family members.

Bryce poses for a nice photo with the three Drummond brothers, pointing at Paige’s diploma and making a silly face.

“On an off-topic note, Bryce is an idiot,” Lee added to her post.

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