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Pvt School Association hosts soccer tournament in B’la to tackle substance abuse and instill sportsmanship in students

Posted by Noor Mohi-ud-din Saturday, September 24, 2022

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Balamulla, September 23: To tackle the “rising substance abuse” among the student community and instill in them a positive approach to the learning process, the private school association Balamulla launches an inter-school soccer tournament for U-16 here in Balamulla. Did.
About 11 teams from different schools in North Kashmir’s Balamulla district are participating in the tournament, which is being played at the Balamulla ground of Delhi Public Schools.
Tournament organizers said the COVID epidemic had seen a huge gap between students, teachers and parents.
“After the pandemic, we have seen students lack a positive approach to school.Continued online classes have led them to become addicted to electronic devices and social media and to explore adventures,” said the organizers. I almost forgot to participate in sports activities as a child,” said the organizer.
In an interview with Rising Kashmir Shakir Ashraf, managing director of Sanctorum School and the brains behind this tournament, substance abuse is on the rise in parts of North Kashmir, and sport is a key part of tackling that threat. said to be an important element.
“Youth drug addiction is a major concern, in addition to a lack of interest in the learning process. It’s about tackling the problem,” added Shaquille.
Shakir believes that sporting events like this will definitely keep the student community disciplined and physically fit.
“Drug addiction has become a thorn in our society and sports can play an important role in keeping young people away from substance abuse.In addition, our district has a lot of potential. Yes, but we need a proper scouting grassroots platform so that we can nurture it properly for the future,” he added.
In sharing the plans, Shaq said the evening exhibition match between SRM Welkin and Sanctorum was held at Kushal Stadium Sopole with SRM Welkin Basema Aijaz Vice Chairman on board.
“Surprisingly, parents of students rushed to the stadium to cheer on their favorite teams and watch their children play. Local women also participated in exhibition matches. It was a game-changing match, other schools approached us and we decided: for the Interschool Football Tournament,” he added.
The slogan of the tournament is ‘Choose sport over drugs’, with strong support from presidential industrial estate SoporeJavid Ahmad.
“The school is now looking forward to the next sporting event. We are not finished here. We are planning to organize other sporting tournaments. It’s actually a positive sign,” he added.
According to the organizers, hosting the football tournament is part of the NashaMukt campaign and UT and district management are aware of the initiative.
“Despite inviting the district administration, we did not witness them join our initiative. Their presence for a while will make a difference. Sporting events are for the benefit of society, so there should be no distinction between private and government bodies.” added the organizers.

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