Lea Michele responds to online rumors that she is illiterate

Lea Michele thinks internet rumors about her being illiterate are ‘sad’.

of scream queens the alum spoke new york times On taking over the role of Fanny Brice on Broadway funny girl At one point in the interview, the 36-year-old actress addressed online rumors that she was illiterate. It pushes conspiracy theories and people claim to show “evidence”.)

“I went Gree Every day; I knew my lines every day. And rumors on the internet that I’m illiterate? sad. It really is. I often think that if I were a man, a lot of things wouldn’t be the same,” Michele said.

Michele previously joked about the rumors when they circulated in March 2018. Tweet, wanted to reply to you? Literally laughing out loud? I love you!!!?❤️.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for the Elton John AIDS Foundation

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in her Times In the interview, Michele also talked about returning to the spotlight after the 2020 controversy. Gree Co-star Samantha Marie Ware accused her of tormenting her with “traumatic microaggressions” on set. (Michele apologized at the time and said in her statement, “I clearly acted in a way that hurt other people.”)

According to media outlets, the actress did not comment on the details of Ware’s allegations, saying via media outlets that she “doesn’t feel the need to handle things.” TimesMichele says she feels “personally and professionally more prepared than ever” to return to the stage after an “intense time of reflection”.

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She added that her perfectionistic work style may be contributing to her inability to understand how she impacts others. She left many blind spots. ”

“I now really understand the importance and value of being a leader. It means doing a good job when the cameras are rolling and when they are not,” Michele said. “And it wasn’t always the most important thing to me.”

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