Lea Michele addresses a theory she can’t read

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Earlier this summer, Broadway broke the internet after it was announced that Lea Michele was starring in the musical. funny girl, replacing Beanie Feldstein in the lead role of Fanny Brice. Casting was peak art mimicking his life.When Michele starred as fame-hungry theater boy Rachel Berry Greeher character fell in love with the show and took the role of Fanny in a fictional Broadway revival that now feels like an act of manifestation. It’s been a long-running controversy over Michele, who denounced it in a new profile in New York. Times, Michele, who hits the stage this month, somehow avoids all of this. She’s seen your jokes and yes she can read.

Before we go any further, a primer on some notable allegations against Michele. Gree Black actor Samantha Ware claimed Michele “openly humiliated her” on set, fired her and threatened to “shit” with her wig.. breaking dawn Actor Jante Godlock accused Michele of mentioning it. Greeof As a background actor “cockroach,” said Heather Morris, yet another ex Gree The co-star said Michele was “uncomfortable” to work with and “should be called out” for it. She apologized for her actions, saying it takes time to “reflect”

pressed by Times Michele — speaks to her about her rumored behavior funny girl Locker Room — said her introspection inspired her… to lead a Broadway show. “I now really understand the importance and value of being a leader,” she says. Told. times. “It means doing a good job when the cameras are rolling as well as when they’re not. And that hasn’t always been the most important thing for me,” Michele said through the media. Refusing to specifically address Ware’s allegations, saying, “I don’t feel the need to handle things,” justifying her past behavior as a by-product of a perfectionist work ethic. has an advantage,” she said. “I work really hard. There is no room for error. That level of perfectionism, or the pressure of perfectionism, has left me with a lot of blind spots.”K!

For all that she refused to deal with, Michele Did it Quell the stubborn Internet conspiracy that she is illiterate. The rumor has spurred countless TikToks and podcasts of her, many of which suggest showrunner Ryan Murphy spoon-fed her lines. Gree. In the past, Michele has jokingly addressed the theories in interviews, calling them “weird.” But they still seem nervous. Gree Every day; I knew my lines every day,” she said. times. “So the rumor on the internet that I’m illiterate? Sad. It really is.

So you have it! Michele is literate. It was clean and nice. Well, what about those microaggressions?

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