‘Law & Order’ star Mariska Hargitay’s husband spills out his true feelings about Chris Meloni

as long as Mariska Hargitay When Christopher MeloniThe character of Law and order Universe, die-hard fans want to meet Olivia Benson and Elliott Stabler At the end get together.But what about Mariska’s husband peter hermann Obsessed to see his wife have undeniable chemistry with a co-star of nearly 25 years?

At E!’s appearance in May 2021 daily pop, younger Mariska is an actor Law and Order: Organized Crime Star. (To be clear, Mariska, Peter, and Chris aren’t really his three-way union!) After stumbling around trying to find an answer, he finally shared his thoughts in a lighthearted way. Did.

‘We make it work,’ he jokingly told the host Justin Sylvester About splitting my wife’s time with her on-screen companions. “Sometimes Chris and I have to negotiate. is. “

In November 2001, Mariska and Peter met on a movie set. Law and Order: SVU when he appeared as a guest star. The two later married in August 2004, and Mariska said she knew he was her husband the moment they crossed her paths.

By this point in her career, fans were used to witnessing Mariska and Chris’ fictional romantic tension. Ultimately, however, the co-stars’ relationship is entirely platonic.

like peter daily pop An interview ensued, but it was clear that he hadn’t finished speaking about his feelings for Chris and Mariska’s friendship. clarified.

“I think there’s a lot to be said about marriage…and he’s there,” he said of the snap above.

At least we know where Peter stands in this relationship. As far as Mariska and Chris work on this, they know all too well how special their bond is.

Mariska said on the 2022 Emmy Awards red carpet, “It’s effortless, it’s weird. I always see it as a gift of sorts.” perspective, and our current history.”

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