Kyle Shanahan has been mentally scarred since the 2021 season when the San Francisco 49ers had to go deep into the depth chart of running backs due to injury. lost. Then-rookie Elijah Mitchell was injured in Week 2, forcing the 49ers third string to return to the game.

That moves San Francisco to carry five running backs to their starting roster this week. had to make some difficult decisions. JaMycal Hasty did not join the team and was taken over by the Jacksonville Jaguars. San Francisco had to remove another running back to make room for offensive lineman Blake Hans, who claimed at waivers. That running back was last year’s third-round pick, Trey Salmon.

The 49ers wanted to revive Sermon via their practice squad. But the Philadelphia Eagles wanted him waived, and while it hurt for Shanahan to lose his two favorite RBs, it speaks to how the team thinks of Mason. .

The coach didn’t want to lose Mason and knew that exposing the rookie to waiverwire would lead to doing so.

“We really didn’t expect [Mason] He’s where he is,” Shanahan admitted on KNBR’s show Thursday. Tolbert & Corpse show. “I kept the back four and thought I could keep him.” [the] practice squad. But the way he turned it on at the end of camp and practice, and what he showed in preseason games, really felt like we were going to lose him. I know you were going to. ”

That means San Francisco knows other teams are interested in acquiring Mason, and has been forced to choose which of the remaining running backs it wants to acquire more.

Still, Shanahan is thrilled with the current group, which consists of Mitchell, Jeff Wilson, and newcomers Mason and Ty Davis-Pryce.

“I looked at a group of running backs and for the fourth year in a row, they used all four within the first six weeks,” Shanahan shared. “Last year, we were down to the third running back in Week 2. In fact, in Week 2, we had a running back in the game I called him. [his] No, and so did Jimmy [Garoppolo] Because we didn’t know his name yet. So he was asking Buck’s number during timeouts if he knew how to perform power while in the huddle.

“I’m kind of hurt by that sort of thing. On the third down, we do a little bit of everything, but losing the running backs on that first and second down makes it harder for us to do things offensively.” This makes it a little more difficult to function.

“That’s what JP Mason showed in the preseason, and I think he has the same ability to be a running back starting first and second downs like Ty and Elijah. It’s something we hold so dear.”

Javon Kinrow

Shanahan was asked about third-year defensive tackle Jacob Kinrow, who returned from knee surgery last season. That’s a big difference from last year, when Kinlaw was trying to get through practices and games without feeling too much pain.

“He’s made of the right materials to be human,” Shanahan said. “He’s incredibly talented and hopefully he’ll be able to put together a game this season without any setbacks. [last]The more soccer that guy plays, the bigger the problem will be for the person in front of him.”

drake jackson

The 49ers surprised by acquiring defensive end Drake Jackson in the second round. They looked at the talent and athleticism of the top 10 picks and figured he wouldn’t be available by the time San Francisco made the selection.

After watching the college movie, Shanahan understood why some teams were concerned about Jackson. There were some inconsistencies.

“But we still didn’t believe he was going to fall for us,” Shanahan said. I think you’ll see him in pre-season games and in practices every day since he’s here. Where did we get him?

“But that’s still it. He has to prove he can stay fit and he can play because it’s true that he’s talented. I’m really excited that he’s risen to the challenge. It’s been really encouraging to see how they practice here, how the D line goes, how hard they go and how he learns that way and then doesn’t fade .

“That’s why I think he’s trying to solve a lot of problems at this level that he couldn’t do in college. If he does, I think everyone will see that talent pay off.” .”

You can listen to the entire conversation with Shanahan below.