Kim Kardashian Joins Ashton Kutcher For Intense Peloton Workout

Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher are training buddies!

kardashian family The 41-year-old star will guest on an episode of Kutcher’s new Peloton running series, Our Future Self.

In a teaser shared on Instagram by peloton vice president and head instructor Robin Alzon, Kutcher, 44, is in awe that Kardashian has joined him.

“Excitement level? It’s like 11 today,” he says in the video.

Kutcher then jokes with the SKIMS co-founder, “You showed up. You don’t even run,” Kardashian confesses, “I don’t.”

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Arzón was also on hand to guide the two stars in their workouts. “I love Kim K,” she said in the clip, adding that the star “deconstructs and shatters the notion that you have to stay in your lane.”

An impressed Kutcher later paid tribute to Kardashian during the run, telling the reality star, “You’re literally running a seven-minute mile pace. What’s going on now?”

Kardashian was also affected by the moment, responding:

“Discover your why. 🔥 That’s the heart of this series with @aplusk,” Arzón captioned the energetic social media video. “I’ve said this many times, and I repeat, motivation is BS. Discover what drives your hustle and lean into your WHY and show up with confidence.” , the desire to do hard work every day becomes very easy.”

Arzón added that the episode is for people who, like Kardashian, don’t consider themselves runners.

“She absolutely crushes it and flips the script of that story she’s telling herself. If you’re willing to show up and do the work, you can do anything,” she said. wrote.

Peloton announced a new series starring Kutcher via Instagram earlier this week. A new episode premieres every Tuesday leading up to his TCS New York City Marathon on November 6th.

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Kutcher himself is also preparing for the marathon, recently revealing he lost 12 pounds during training.

“The biggest physical change is the transfer of muscle mass from the upper body to the lower body. I lost about 12 pounds,” he said. entertainment tonight,”my wife [Mila Kunis] They were very cooperative. ”

By devoting yourself to the process, Kutcher says, “hard work becomes much easier when you’re surrounded by a support system. Setting a pace you can maintain is not the same as working hard.” I learned.

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of That 70’s Show The actor is also motivated by his family — Kunis, 38, and their two children, son Dimitri Portwood, 5, and daughter Wyatt Isabel, 7 — to cross the finish line later this fall. I explained that it is

“My baseline ‘why’ comes down to leaving a better life than what was given to me. My daily motivation is my children and my family,” Kuther said. E.T..

Starr is also running a marathon to raise funds and awareness for the Thorn organization, which works to protect children from sexual abuse and build technology to remove child sexual abuse material from the internet. increase.

Kardashian and Alzon’s “Our Future Self” episode premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on the Peloton Tread and app.

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