Kevin Federline retracts comments on Britney Spears’ father after receiving restraining order

In an interview in which Kevin Federline spoke about his relationship with Britney Spears and her two sons, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, Federline made earlier comments about Spears’ paternity. I am withdrawing.

Federline previously spoke about Jamie Spears in an interview with the Daily Mail, praising him for “saving” Britney by putting her under guardianship.

Britney has repeatedly spoken out against the guardianship system, which is set to end in November 2021, and has described it as “abusive” in court. His father said he believes he should be jailed for his treatment.

While she is forced to do things against her will, such as giving her “a large amount of blood every week” and having an IUD implant against her wishes, her “whole family” refused to help her.

Kevin Federline claims Jamie Spears ‘saved’ Britney.

Federline’s comments about Jamie Spears immediately sparked a huge backlash, especially after Britney publicly criticized her father.

“It’s been hard to watch all of this, it’s been hard to live through it, and watching my sons get through it has been the hardest thing of all,” Federline said. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.”

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“I saw this man who really cared about his family and wanted everything to be fine,” he continued.’When Jamie took over [the convervatorship], things are in order. he saved her life. ”


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