Keanu Reeves bursts into wedding photos in England

Just imagine: today is your wedding day. Hopefully it will be the most magical and memorable day of your life (if you’re into that sort of thing). After gazing into your beloved’s eyes and proclaiming your eternal promise to each other, you’re already on cloud nine. Nothing could make this moment better, right?

Wrong. Keanu Reeves could do it better. And for one lucky couple, he made an already great wedding even better…just showed up.

Keanu Reeves, John Wick 5We love you, Keanu.Jiffy

Bride and groom Nikki and James Rhodonite had just tied the knot and were celebrating at a bar at the Forsley Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire, England when they noticed John Wick himself standing nearby. I got

Perhaps James was already confident enough to approach a movie star and invite him to a reception, so he had already expended enough courage. gave me

“My husband… told him he just got married and invited Keanu to come say hello and have a drink with us if he wanted. He’s very friendly and will do so later.” Like I said, I’m glad my husband talked to him!” Nikki told Newsweek. Oh Nikki … Little did I know, it’s coming soon very cool.

Just an hour later, the bride received a message from the hotel that a “very special guest” was waiting for the couple outside.

That guest, of course, was the one and only… Keanu Reeves.

The 57-year-old ‘The Matrix’ actor didn’t drink at the party, but he was generous with his guests, took a picture— some were with the official wedding photographer. Sure, those pictures are in the couple’s fridge.

Everyone who attended the event was understandably “a bit star-crazy.” But it was probably the bride’s mother who responded the best.

“My mom, Joe, took pictures and yelled at everyone to yell ‘speed’ while they were taking pictures,” Nikki joked to Newsweek.

keanu reeves movie

they will cherish this day forever


Seeing Reeves’ already “perfect” wedding day truly “out of the world,” the bride shared, saying, “It’s something to remember and the beginning of many more adventures.”

Interestingly enough, Nikki chose to use a picture of her and a smiling Keanu instead of James as her new profile picture.

keanu reeves photo, keanu reeves twitter

For a moment she completely forgot that she was married.


“Shouldn’t your profile picture be of you and your new husband?” someone asked.

“Mr. Rhodonite just won’t mind for a few days,” Nikki replied. That’s true love, folks.


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