Kayla Cardona talks about Alex Hall’s friendship with Brittany Snow’s husband

in the meantime Kayla Cardona tried to kiss OC sales Co-star Tyler StanalandShe doesn’t think she’s threatening to marry an actress. Brittany Snow.

“Me and Tyler crushed it long ago, but I’m not that kind of person. [Brittany] You should be worried,’ Kayla, 33, told EXCLUSIVELY every week “I think it’s clear who she should be worried about.”

in the meantime OC sales Season 1 – which dropped on the streaming platform last month – Kayla tried to kiss Tyler, 33, after the cast’s night out. A colleague stepped in, and it quickly escalated into an office-wide problem.

Selling OC's Kayla Cardona says Brittany Snow should 'worry' about Alex Hall flirting with Tyler Stanaland

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While Kayla continues to insist she has no feelings for the former surfer, she insisted: almost family The 36-year-old alum has to worry about another Oppenheim employee. Alex Hall.

“[It’s] Very inappropriate. I mean, very hypocritical…. [because] I think it’s clear that I never even touched the man,” Kayla claimed. we, referring to Alex’s friendship with Tyler. “You know what I’m talking about? Suck your nose, get naked instead of sitting on your lap. [like Polly Brindle’s skinny-dipping dare]No one has ever seen me naked. Likewise, you’d better look at direct deposit before you get all this. …they are giving it away like free candy. No, thanks. sorry. “

Kayla, a 33-year-old mother of two and a native of Orange County, Calif., on how Alex frequently snuggled up to Tyler and “nuzzled” him during team outings. got into an altercation on the show after being noticed. Alex and Tyler claimed their bond was purely platonic, but Kayla considered it inappropriate.

Selling OC's Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should 'Worry' About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland 2

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‘She has a right to feel what she feels,’ Kayla said we He pointed out that he would be “100 percent” worried if she was in his position. “If she’s upset, [which] I think she does, but I don’t want to speak on her behalf. ”

Single mothers met ‘easily’ since then pitch perfect The actress almost followed the kiss drama and had nothing but positive things to say about her colleague’s spouse.

“I met her, greeted her [at an event in Los Angeles]she’s so sweet,” Kayla recalled we on wednesday. “What I want to say to her [now], honestly, not much to talk about. So this is not my place. ”

Selling OC's Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should Be 'Worried' About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland 3

Tyler Stanaland Courtesy of NETFLIX

Both Kayla and Tyler “squashed” their feud, but she eventually took action because she believed her co-worker was flirting with her. I do not agree with

“For most of our remarks, it felt like a brother, sister vibe. I never felt that way, but I can’t speak for her. we on wednesday. “It wasn’t one particular incident. It was more like a series of events. It was nothing, but I was married and had to deal with it sooner.

Selling OC's Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should 'Worry' About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland 4

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Tyler also said his wife watched the reality TV drama and thought it was an “interesting” show. OC sales Although fun to watch, the couple prefers to keep their romance private. “It’s kind of a decision we made a long time ago and this is what I did for myself and I just wanted it to stay that way,” Tyler said. We.

after all the drama that happened OC salesKayla gave me we An overview of where she stands with her co-stars.

“Of course me and Alex [Alexandra] Jarvis When [Alexandra] Rose “I think we were definitely on a very good relationship because everything went wrong,” she said Wednesday. , this is a show and everyone is on it for their own sake, so I’m still keeping my guard up.”

Kayla added: [of] Who do you trust and who do you not trust? But with everything falling down, everyone has to feel like they are there for themselves and watch their backs. … Now the only person I can trust is myself. ”

OC sales Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

With report by Christina Garibaldi

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