Julia Fox raises eyebrows with controversial childhood theory

Model and actress Julia Fox is raising eyebrows again with a controversial childhood theory.

of uncut gemstone The star took part in a TikTok tirade, lashing out at the notion of childhood. She claimed it was just a capitalist scam to get parents to buy her toys. Broom and mop are better than toys for Valentino.

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“I’m here to remind you of your childhood. idea “The concept of childhood, the concept of childhood, was invented in the 18th century. Before that, children were seen as little adults,” says Fox.

It’s true that society didn’t immediately accept that children’s minds weren’t the same as adults’, but that’s because the field of psychology barely existed until the late 1800s.

She argued that children were depicted as adults in medieval paintings because of this. Medieval depictions of the child were based on the concept of the Christian (contemporary) Jesus being born as a homunculus, a fully formed man rather than a baby.

She argued that the concept of childhood is to trick adults into buying toys that “teach the child nothing”, resulting in the child being “helpless”. experts believe that toys are “more than just entertainment and games for children” and most provide “opportunities for children to learn”.

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“I encourage everyone to buy their kids a mini mop or mini broom and start teaching them life skills from an early age,” she said. “That way, when they step into the real world, they don’t have to outsource everything and they know how to do things themselves.”

Let’s be honest, very few kids in America have the financial opportunity to “outsource” their chores, let alone “everything.” So most parents don’t need to worry about it.

Children are not adults, so treating them like adults is dangerous. That is why we have child labor laws. That’s why children shouldn’t be put in the same prisons or served the same kinds of sentences as adults. That’s why we have separate health guidelines for children.

Additionally, treating children like adults can be emotionally damaging. People in the 18th century did not live in the informed society they do today. So Fox and Parents should take advantage of the fact that we live in his 2022, not his 1722.

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