Joshua Jackson, Jodie Turner-Smith refollow each other on Instagram

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith Instagram
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Social media spats? Joshua Jackson When Jodie Turner-Smith Some people just followed each other on Instagram and wonder when (or when) they stopped in the first place.

Speculation began on Thursday, Sept. 22, that the pair weren’t keeping up with each other when die-hard fans noticed that Jackson, 44, and Turner-Smith, 36, were no longer chasing each other on the platform. At the time, the two each ran ads in which they appeared as a couple, but never mentioned each other in their respective captions.

“Why did Joshua Jackson and wife Jodie Turner-Smith unfollow each other on Instagram? ‘Oh, that’s sad, they were cute,'” another person responded.

However, the couple apparently followed each other by Friday, September 23rd.

Despite minor claims on social media, Dawson’s Creek The alum recently let out an outpouring of joy about marrying the British actress.

“She is definitely one of the most beautiful women on earth,” he said. yes!news In an article published on Wednesday, September 21st. It’s really amazing. But let me tell you, there’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, opening her eyes, and seeing her face in the morning. “

The supposed snub between the couple was frowned upon due to the pair’s long history of interacting on the platform. Anne Boleyn He jokes that he’s an avid fan of Pacey Witter, and Jackson hints at his wife’s beauty.

In March, Turner-Smith took to Twitter to complain about staying at a hotel where photographers could find her “always looking like a st.” incident, event However, the alum quickly jumped into the comments section to object.

In addition to teasing each other, the pair regularly vent their love for each other using all social media platforms.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful wife,” Jackson wrote via Instagram in September 2020, celebrating Turner-Smith turning another year. Thank you for choosing me Thank you for walking this path as a wife Thank you for bringing our daughter into the world This past year has been the happiest whirlwind of my life For years to come We can’t wait to see what it brings to us.”

every week December 2019 with Jackson the last ship The actress secretly tied the knot and was expecting their first child, with Turner-Smith seen wearing a diamond on her left hand and Jackson spotted wearing a gold band on her ring finger. In April 2020, the lovebirds confirmed they welcomed daughter Janie.

A month later, Jackson posted again on Instagram, queen & slim A star on her first Mother’s Day.

“Dear Jodi, I want to thank you for being the light on this most special Mother’s Day,” he wrote. For your devotion to raising and protecting your child, for your dedication and will to bring her into the world, through those moments I have never witnessed a more powerful being than you. Thank you for the deep blessings you have found since our daughter arrived.”

Turner-Smith was impressed with her part small fires everywhere The actor’s photography technique when he posted a nude shot of himself taken by Jackson in January 2020.

“Happy new year and happy new decade,” she captioned a photo taken while the newlyweds were vacationing in Jamaica. I laughed, I cried, and most importantly, I learned.Don’t stop.May we all see our wildest dreams continue to come true.”

In a series of photos and videos next month Doctor Death Star in honor of Valentine’s Day with her husband.

“Our second Valentine’s Day is even more magical than the first! I love you baby daddy 💋🤗🥰,” she captioned Jackson’s solo snaps. Also included was a super sweet clip of the two rubbing Smith’s pregnant stomach and smiling affectionately at each other.

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