Joe Shane era hinges on Giants having top quarterback

Considering Giants general manager Joe Shane touts himself as a man of culture and character, the quarterback he’ll be watching Saturday night, CJ Stroud, will join his Ohio State teammate in the 500. Giving away dollar gift cards and allowing you to wear new suits is worth nothing. Home game against Notre Dame.

In the Wild West era of Name, Image & Likeness, Star Division I players can make deals with clothing companies like Stroud’s in “Express” to make things happen. Meanwhile, the young Stroud did something pretty thoughtful about the rest of the locker room without direction from the head coach.

Before Shane arrives in Columbus, Ohio, he has to write it down in his notebook, just in case Stroud’s name pops up in the Giants’ draft room vying for a new quarterback next spring.

Daniel Jones knows up front that he deserves a fair chance to convince rookie Shane and his rookie coach Brian Dabor that he’s worthy of being the Giants’ long-term franchise quarterback. Put it down please.

“I think Daniel is in a good place. I’m happy wherever he is,” Shane said Thursday, adding that “everybody has to go to a show on Sunday,” and nothing else matters. I acknowledged that

Jones may have the size, arms, and athleticism to pull it off, even after Shane rejected a $22 million-plus fifth-year option. If he proves he can throw more touchdowns and fewer interceptions than he has in 25 starts (21 TDs, 17 picks), perhaps he’ll be “The Guy” next stage for the Giants. can continue to be ‘Never-ending rebuilding.

Giants general manager Joe Shane is scouting Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud (above left) if he decides to go in a different direction than Daniel Jones after this season.
Giants general manager Joe Shane is scouting Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud (above left) if he decides to go in a different direction than Daniel Jones after this season.
Bill Costrone (2); AP

But that may not be the case. Even if Jones plays at a higher level in 2022, there are plenty of incentives for Shane and Davor to find and acquire quarterbacks of their own in his 2023. Year two is his chance to get back to year one, giving the Giants a chance to give him first-tier upside prospects like Jones doesn’t own.

Drafted by the Shanes-Bills in 2018, Josh Allen was the 7th overall pick after Dave Gettleman’s Giants took Saqon Barkley with the 2nd pick.

As much as Shane contributed to Allen’s reputation in Wyoming as an assistant GM at Buffalo, he can’t claim it. The executive who got the draft capital to go up after being hired, Bean is the executive who deserves the credit. That’s how it works.

Before that fateful 2018 draft, one of the veteran NFL scouts actually told Lt. Gettleman that the Giants and Browns would regret it if they kept Barkley and Baker Mayfield ahead of Allen on the draft board. I was sending the word deaf. Of course, had the Giants chosen Allen four years before him, Gettleman would still be in power and Shane would have remained unknown.

Those are game breaks. What matters now is Shane’s ability, or lack thereof, to find the QB1 who will be the next Eli Manning and win the franchise’s fifth Super Bowl title.

Not that such a search was a matter of public debate Thursday when the GM sat down in front of the news media ahead of the 10-day season opener in Tennessee. I was sitting next to a dowel that corresponds to

Shane praised Dabor’s talent for leading and motivating not only the offensive unit he executed in Buffalo, but the entire team. Daboll praised his Schoen’s communication skills, calling him “a really good listener”. As a really good listener, Shane has listened to fans’ pain after his brutal decade of football.

He has had to restructure some contracts and will eventually set up the Giants to have more flexibility next year. I want to know what to do

Smart Money says he will practice more this year to deal with adversity.

Side by side, Schoen and Daboll seem to be gearing up for tough waters. Front office and head coach harmony is never a bad thing, but history shows it’s not necessary: ​​Giants GM George Young doesn’t get along with Bill Parcells (or defensive coordinator Bill Belichick) But he still won two Super Bowls. In New England, Belichick did not enjoy companionship with Robert Kraft, and together they maintained the NFL’s premier dynasty.

Like many of his colleagues, Joe Schoen talks about the importance of culture and the talent it takes to build the right culture. You know who built the culture in the NFL? A great quarterback.

Maybe the Giants’ rookie GM will find out Saturday night on a trip to Ohio.


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