Jenny Mollen talks about parenting with husband Jason Biggs

Jenny Mollen knows a thing or two about the battle of feeding little ones and even enjoying food.

In her forthcoming book, Dictator’s Lunch: An Inspired Meal That Forces Even The Toughest (Tyrant) Childrenshe explores just that, offering other parents options to help their children.

Thursday episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, The 43-year-old mother of two explained to host Janine Rubenstein what inspired her to write the book.

Mollen grew up with two working parents. That’s why she often makes her own lunches and otherwise ends up in “the horrible lunch queue,” she said. This her experience, she said, was something she didn’t want for her own children.

“I was sure I wasn’t going to fool myself with eating for my kids, but I wish someone had given me one to go to school with these portable treats.” “I’m not a chef. I’m not a good cook. I’m not a DIY artist. I’m just trying to solve my mother’s problems.”

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She said that making creative meals for her child is “a lot of fun,” but she knows that’s not the experience of all caregivers.

I told my husband, ‘This doesn’t have to be rocket science,'” she said.

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Her husband, Jason Biggs, doesn’t make the kids’ lunches, but he’s involved in many other ways.

“Jason is very hands-on as a parent, almost hands-on,” she told People. He’s like adjusting your goggles. Or if you’re on a plane that’s crashing, he’s like you.”

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen.
John Lamperski/Getty

“He never finished,” she continued. “I don’t put him in the lunchbox.”

Biggs and Mollen, 44, recently celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary.

“Fourteen years ago, two people who had known each other for just nine months drove in pajamas to FedEx Kinkos in Calabasas and got married,” she wrote on April 22, along with a photo.

She then joked, “Was that FedEx real or a figment of our imagination, or was the woman we married a licensed magistrate, or was he just taking $300? No one knows if she was an unlucky actress trying to make a quick buck.

She concluded: “I wonder if our union is really recognized by the state of California or what happened on Earth Day was more than just a psychedelic mushroom trip, what came out of it was mind-bending.” , we may not know if it just changed our lives.It’s far from a miracle.”

The couple, who have sons Laszlo, 4, and Sid, 8, have been candid in the past about whether or not they want a third child. Mollen told her PEOPLE in 2020 that she will be open under certain conditions.

“That is, if [Jason] Moren joked.

Dictator’s lunch: MeInspired meals that even the toughest (tyrant) kids can’t resist Available September 13th.

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