Jennifer Lopez said Ben Affleck quoted his movie in his wedding speech

Jennifer Lopez has shared new romantic details about her and Ben Affleck’s wedding.

In Thursday’s edition of her On The JLo newsletter, Lopez, 53, revealed details about the three-day event in Georgia, saying, “This is heaven. It’s right here. We’re here now.” I’m in,” she captioned.

She realized the true meaning of the word.

“That’s one of my favorite lines that Ben wrote in a movie he directed. live by night“He also said it in his speech at our wedding reception night.

Affleck, 50, wrote, directed and starred in the 2016 action flick, which also stars Zoe Saldana, Sienna Miller and Elle Fanning. It talks about a pirated group of .

Lopez went on to share about her wedding day, expressing how her initial worries about the weather were.

“It rained at sunset every day that week. And not to mention that the lightning bolt nearly arrived. Every day, we queued up at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to start that Saturday. I was a wedding weekend blunderer,” admitted Lopez.

John Russo/OntheJLo

However, the singer said, “I never had any doubts.”

Lopez continued, “At 6:45 on Saturday, August 20, the sun broke loose and beamed a small diamond as it danced across the river behind a makeshift altar in our backyard. The sky was clear blue. , in the distance were pure white clouds, held firmly in the sky.”

“As the sun set behind the live oak trees covered in Spanish moss, a warm breeze blew across the lawn where our closest family and friends sat before finally beginning to descend the walkway steps. It will lead me for the rest of my life.Oh…it actually happened…”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
OnTheJLo and John Russo

Nearly a month after getting married in Las Vegas in an intimate ceremony, Lopez and Affleck met 135 friends and family on Aug. 20 at the Oscar-winning actor’s 87-acre property in Hampton Island Preserve. A larger celebration was held in front of the

They then headed to Italy for their honeymoon. Last week, the honeymooners were photographed holding hands over the weekend walking through the streets of Como, Italy, taking in the views and having lunch at Villa Passalacqua.

A source told PEOPLE, “They seemed very in love. He was very dexterous, caressing her a lot and touching her lovingly. They are very much in love as a couple. There didn’t seem to be any tension between the two.”

“Their eyes were filled with love for the other person, especially her. This was really evident when I saw them,” they added.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.
OnTheJLo and John Russo

Lopez’s bridal wardrobe for the special day included three custom Ralph Lauren gowns, and the groom coordinating a Ralph Lauren tuxedo featuring a white dinner jacket.

The two started dating in July 2002 and broke up in 2004. Lopez and Affleck rekindled their relationship in 2021 after nearly two decades. A place where we can appreciate, celebrate and respect each other. ”

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