Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck didn’t let stomach bugs ruin their big day

That’s from the star herself, who spoke in her latest newsletter about an “unexpected setback” that threatened to ruin her wedding to Ben Affleck.

“It rained at sunset every day that week. Not to mention that the lightning bolt nearly arrived. On cue each day, at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to begin that Saturday,” Lopez wrote. He was recovering by the end of the week.

But like a page ripped from one of her rom-coms, everything worked out.

“At 6:45 on Saturday, August 20th, the sun broke free and beamed like little diamonds dancing across the river behind a makeshift altar in our backyard,” she said. I am writing. “The sky was a clear blue, with distant white clouds held firmly in the sky. As the sun set behind the living oak covered in Spanish moss, a warm breeze blew over our close family I blew up the lawn where my friend and I were sitting, and for a long-lasting time began descending the stairs that would lead me to the rest of my life.”

The scene, apparently directed by God himself, ends with “I do” (technically for the second time), and according to Lopez, the day was “full circle, like God.”

The couple first met on the set of the film Gigli in December 2001, playing together criminals stuck at work and forming a real-life friendship.By November 2002, the two were engaged. but postponed the wedding in September 2003, citing “excessive media attention” over the pending wedding.

They never made it down the aisle and officially called off their engagement in January 2004.

They reunited romantically after almost 17 years.

“Years ago, I never imagined that the road ahead would navigate so many mazes and bring so many surprises, blessings and joys. , became one of the most perfect moments of our lives,” Lopez wrote. “We couldn’t be happier. I wish you all the same… Hard-earned happiness is sweeter than the journey ahead.”

Somebody write this script and give me 10 tickets.


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