Jay-Z reacts to people calling him a capitalist

Clearly, Jay-Z has been blessed beyond his wildest dreams.

Not only is he a world-famous rapper (and husband of THEE Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter), but he’s also a successful producer and entrepreneur, with a reported net worth of $1.3 billion.

His hometown is something to be proud of, but not everyone is impressed by his success.

In fact, Jay is often accused of being a capitalist, whose only focus often seems to be on increasing his wealth, regardless of the circumstances.

Well, he finally addressed that criticism on Twitter Spaces this week — and basically wrote it off as a way for people to oppress black entrepreneurs.

“We didn’t quit,” he began. “Hip-hop is young. It is still growing.

“Before it becomes the American dream, ‘Pull yourself up with your own bootstraps. You can succeed in America,'” he continued. When we start to understand all these lies, they try to shut us out.They start inventing words like ‘capitalist’.”

Twitter: @RobMarkman

Jay suggested that for him it was like calling someone a racial slur. ‘ he continued. “I don’t care what words people come up with. We have to come up with stronger words. We’re not going to stop.”

Describing his “evolution” from a young man selling CDs in New York to now one of America’s richest men, he believes that no one can “make it where they have established the system.” We should not be made to feel ashamed of ourselves.” [Black people] He will die at the age of 21,” he said, expressing hope that he will continue to find new financial opportunities.

Honestly, it only prompted more eye rolls, especially the part where he compared being called a capitalist to being called a racial slur.

“They start inventing words like ‘capitalist'” hahahahahaha okay jay-z.

@jksunjata / Twitter

You are a capitalist making millions of dollars in America. Jay-Z was too old to know this. He talks about buying paintings and properties, reselling them and making investments in the wraps, which is literally what capitalists do.

@charmdiddy / Twitter

No, Jay-Z, I didn’t coin the term capitalist to make you feel guilty. We call them capitalists to describe who owns capital and exploits our labor to obtain it. Guilt is not what we want you to feel. It’s terrifying. We are coming to confiscate ours so that we can build a socialist world.

@SpiritofHo / Twitter

I love the idea that they came up with the word “capitalist” just to describe Jay-Z

@judysquirrels / Twitter

@keatingssixth / Twitter / The Breakfast Club

@stawpfeenin / Twitter / VH1

This friend Jay-Z said capitalist is an offensive word. Don’t let your blackness become an ahistorical clown like Hov. ☠️

@MarxIsMyNigga / Twitter

Keywords for Jay-Z search for his name and phrases like “Black Capitalists and/or Capitalism won’t save us!” It’s clearly LMFAO.

@westindiedai / Twitter

I’m not mad that Jay-Z is a capitalist. I hope he owns it. Please stop trying to straddle the fence between it and the Revolutionary.

@IceQuebe_ / Twitter

Jay-Z said the word capitalism was basically made to oppress black people, and that was the laugh I needed today.Thanks Jay Free.

@zazz34 / Twitter

Jay-Z hasn’t reacted to the subsequent backlash, but we may hear more about this in a later section. Let’s see.

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