Janice Dickinson has no regrets about her comments on America’s next top model

Janice Dickinson hasn’t apologized for her criticism America’s Next Top Model.

On Thursday, the 67-year-old TV personality responded to a fan’s question asking if she “regrets” her comments about her modeling contest series on Instagram.

“Uh, no. It was acting. That’s it,” Dickinson replied, being a judge. ANTMadded in the caption, “People forget that TV is acting.”

While starring in the Tyra Banks-led series that ran from 2003 to 2018, Dickinson was known to make harsh comments to contestants.

Some of these sentiments included telling the model that her face in the photo “looked like the vibrator battery had run out.” declare “America’s next top model isn’t a plus-size model,” Banks told her fellow judges, referring to a contestant who claimed to have a pronounced “lower body.”

on another occasion, Dickinson told black models According to Newsweek, it was “like a Hitchcock movie” comparing raw and retouched images of her, after which some social media users felt the sounds resembled monkeys. It seemed to make sounds.

In recent years, clips from the show’s 24-cycle run have resurfaced on the internet, appearing to be photo challenges in which models had to paint their skin different colors to pose as women of different races. contains problematic scenes. entertainment weekly report.

As the clip continues to resurface, Dickinson, Banks, ANTM Their words, actions and scenes have all faced criticism.

In an interview in 2015 Oprah: where are they nowDickinson opened up about her role on the show, explaining that she was hired “to be like Simon Cowell of women and feed about girls in a negative way.”

In that same interview, celebrity rehab The alum, who first came to prominence as a model in the 1970s and ’80s, spoke out about Banks in 2007 when she publicly hit back after calling him fat.

“Tyra is a tough business woman and has made some great TV appearances. I admire her as a woman,” she said. “I’ve said some pretty bad things about her in the past because I got fired. Being fired hurt me so much that I acted. That’s not when I acted in a sober way.” No. She’s an amazing woman and thanks to her I’ve had a very successful career in television.

She added, “I loved working with Tyra Banks. It was an amazing experience.”

America’s Next Top Model with Janice Dickinson and Tyra Banks.

For her part, Banks, 48, has dealt with backlash before ANTM on social media. In May 2020, she deleted tweets“I’ve seen posts about past insensitivity ANTM For a moment, I agree with you. ”

“In retrospect, those were really bad choices,” she continued. “Thank you for your honest feedback and sending lots of love and virtual hugs.”

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PEOPLE reached out to Banks’ rep about Dickinson’s video but received no response.

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