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What can she say other than “you’re welcome”? Jameela Jamil, aka the person responsible for coordinating Megan Thee Stallion’s iconic appearances in Marvel episodes She-Hulk: Lawyersharing a few selfies she took with the 27-year-old rapper on set, reminding fans who they can thank for making the cameo happen.


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In a photo posted on Twitter by Jamil, who plays supervillain Titania on the show, two women pose from what is believed to be the courtroom set where one of Megan’s scenes was filmed. wrote. “I asked her to be on the show and she said yes!”

“Body” artist performance premise She-Hulk The show’s main character, Halquified’s attorney Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany), was tasked with winning a lawsuit against another superhuman with shapeshifting abilities. I catfished a character named Denise, pretending to be Megan who appeared in .

“The history of Gee Stallion and her Hulk twist was made,” Jamil continued. “And it was glorious. Amen.”

The show’s head writer Jessica Gao and director Kat Coiro previously said, good place The alum suggested Megan for a celebrity cameo in the episode. “When we wrote the script, all we knew was that we needed a very famous, very successful, and very beautiful female celebrity,” Gao said in an interview. entertainment weekly.

“We all went crazy when Jameela suggested Megan,” Coiro added. “She’s perfect on so many levels.”

The two shared that Jamil was thinking of Megan and personally asked her to appear on the show after working with her on HBO. Legendary. However, some viewers seem to have been rubbed the wrong way by her tweet.

“Most people were nice to hear that it was my idea and what I was doing to put Meg Zi Stallion on the show,” Jamil later wrote in an Instagram story. , I would like to address the few people who say this shouldn’t be ‘taken credit’.”

“It’s not about ‘taking credit for yourself,’ it’s about demonstrating how much fun it is for women to celebrate each other and create fun opportunities to work together,” she continued. “I wanted [Megan] To shine on our show. “

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