“It’s great to be just be me”

Cynthia Erivo didn’t have the “language” to describe herself as queer growing up.

On Friday, the 35-year-old actress said during an appearance Kelly Clarkson show “It’s great to be me,” she said in July after sharing that she’s bisexual.

Erivo told host Kelly Clarkson about not fully understanding her identity as a teenager, “I don’t think I even had the language to know what was going on…

She added, “I think I created a space creatively to let go of what I was hiding.”

“You know, you put so much energy behind it that you don’t realize you’re doing it,” Erivo continued. Once you take the energy out of hiding something, you can put it somewhere else and make something even better.”

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Cynthia Erivo.
kelly clarkson show

“I knew something was different, but I didn’t know what it was.” Evil Added actress. “What do I call it? What do I say about it?”

Erivo talks about the importance of learning how to describe oneself as a key step in fully understanding one’s identity, stating, “Don’t assume that anyone who is queer knows it from the start. there is,” he said.

“Most of us know, but we don’t necessarily know the language until someone tells us that these are the words you might want to use and the expressions you might want to use. No. Someone else is telling you,” she said.

Cynthia Erivo.
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In July, the Oscar-nominated actress opened up about her sexuality and the pressures of being in a community in an interview in England. trend‘s August 2022 Pride issue featured Erivo and 11 LGBTQ+ creatives as cover stars.

In this issue, Erivo admitted that it took him a long time to come out as bisexual. “[LGBTQ+ people] I still feel the need to constantly justify why we deserve to be treated as equals. Really the only difference is that we love differently and express ourselves differently .

“You should be praised for being brave rather than chastised for it,” she continued. “That’s the most important thing: giving people a space to fully express themselves.”

of Harriet Starr also offered advice for those who want to help the community but aren’t sure how.

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