Imo government partners with Church and others

To Henry Umahi

for Imo State Governor Hope Uzodima should spare no effort in protecting life and property, which is the government’s primary responsibility. To this end, he enlists the cooperation of various stakeholders across the state, explaining that security is everyone’s problem.

Uzodima appealed specifically to the Church, Members of the public should not take any information on social media with a grain of salt. “My administration will never get involved in the murder of my people,” he repeated, addressing the St. John Beloved Catholic Church in Ummna Ahu Uratta, Owerri, the state capital.

He specifically urged church leaders not to be misled by the swirl of misinformation surrounding recent incidents involving security agents and some delinquents in Awo Omamma.

Uzodima said the church must work with governments to restore trust in our greater society, and called on church leaders to stop the actions of desperate politicians working in Imo State. I further requested that it be taken seriously. It uses disinformation on social media as a tool of intimidation to destabilize governments.

he said: Before you criticize the security agencies, do more research and keep it out of the hands of non-state actors. ”

Shedding further light on the Awo Omamma incident, the Governor said those killed were among the shootings with security agents (DSS) who acted on information that the deceased was heading to a meeting at the Awo Omamma camp. He said he was a casualty of war. Enforce a Monday stay-at-home order in that area of ​​Imo State.

Uzodima insisted his regime would never be part of the murder of his people and told the audience that as a true Catholic he detests bloodshed. He said he had to scrap all strategies to make unrest a thing of the past in Imo State, but because of the “collateral damage” and resulting bloodshed that entailed.

He is the leader of Imo State, including former governors, Lieutenant governors, senators, chiefs of government, and others have remained tight-lipped about the state’s destabilizing challenges, and there’s no question they’re having fun. Or sponsor it.

he, for example, He blames them for the attack on his country home, that of Professor George Obiozor, president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, and that of other government officials. I expected it, but they never did.

Moreover, he said, such so-called leaders in Imo State were accused of lenient kidnapping, beheading of Imo citizens, murder of traditional rulers, and cannibalism associated with most of the youth involved in robberies. They said they don’t see the need to speak up. They immediately embark on a condolence call to Awo Omamma without even making an effort to ascertain the true position of things.

The Governor regrettably recalled the harrowing experience Auxiliary Bishop Chikwe had when he was kidnapped by bandits and taken to Oguta before his release. point out what happened to the bishop Not something to experience.

Uzodima reiterated that the main reason governments exist is to protect the lives and property of their citizens, and that the worst thing that can happen to society is that governments abandon their responsibilities to non-state actors.

“There is no responsible government that seeks to take life because the purpose of government is to protect life and property, nor is there a responsible government that encourages the taking of human life, especially innocent life,” he said. added.

The governor, who urged church leaders to make a painstaking effort to find the true position of things before taking a position, has shown through his actions and accomplishments over the past two and a half years that he has served. Said there is no doubt that it came to be like the imo people.

Since taking office, he has asked his opponents to point out where and how he acquired things belonging to the Imo people, stating: They did not know who Hope Uzodima was before he took office. ”

He also credited his regime with property that the previous government forcibly recovered from the Imo tribe was returned, as well as roads that certain governments spent seven months on and never tackled. explained. I’m wearing a new look today.

Uzodima, who is Imo’s chief security officer, has full control over the security agencies operating in the state to help the government contain unrest and restore peace in Imo. said not.

“I’m not fully in charge of the state’s security services. I’m a lip service Chief Security Officer without the barracks,” he said.

He then urged church leaders and all who rely on social media coverage to oppose and intimidate the security services operating in Imo State. Workers withdraw.

Reverend Moses Chikwe, Auxiliary Bishop of the Owerri Catholic Church, opened his sermon with a prayer to the congregation, urging them to take time to pray for the governor and the government, saying that God will bring them to the good of society. I made it so that it can be used for .

in the meantime, To further demonstrate his commitment to protecting life and property despite the distorted politics prevalent in the state, Uzodima recently purchased an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), weapons, and several vehicles from Imo. Donated to State Police Command and other security agencies.

Special Assistant to the Governor, Citizen Enlightenment, Stanford Arinze Nuwokedi said: In Imo after a reign of unnatural security, it continues to resonate beyond the borders of Imo. A great deal of administrative effort has gone into achieving this bold and valiant goal.

“Around the world, the primary responsibility of governments is to protect the lives and property of their citizens. To accomplish this, governments provide logistical and miscellaneous assistance to law enforcement agencies. We have bolstered the necessary security gadgets and hardware for the inevitable battle against the .The latest effort to procure 10 armored personnel carriers and donate them to the police is the government’s full commitment to law and order. It shows commitment.”

To reinforce this, Nwokedi said many communities are celebrating the New Yam Festival in 2022 and women’s conferences in August are being held without a hitch by Imo women across the state.

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