How to use Google Maps offline

google maps offline

Google Maps is great when you need to find directions for your trip, but you may also want to download Google Maps directions for offline use. To do this, you need to download the map of the area to your device.

We recommend downloading Google Maps directions for offline use when heading to areas with poor cellular service.

Google has this functionality built into the Google Maps app. This is useful if you are planning a long trip and want to see the direction of the entire journey.

I usually do this when I go to a new place because they may not know what the cellular connection is like in that area. You can see how to do this for each device below.

How to download google maps directions offline for android?

To download directions to your Android phone or tablet, tap google map app on your device. You must be connected to the internet and signed in to Google Maps.

Search for a place to go. for example,,Londonat the bottom select your name and address, then select downloadClick to download a map of that area.

If you search for a more specific location within that city, for example, Regent Streetand select more after that Download offline maps > download.

This will allow you to get driving directions for the area when you are offline. Things like traffic conditions and alternate routes don’t work when you’re offline in Google Maps.

How do I download directions for Google Maps for my iPhone or iPad?

To download offline maps for iPhone or iPad, google map Open the app on your device and select your location i.e. London. Select a place name or address at the bottom, then more > Download offline maps> download.

After that, the map will be available when you are offline in that area. Directions work, but you can’t get information such as traffic conditions or alternative routes.

This is a great feature of Google Maps and has worked particularly well for me so far. This is especially true when vacationing in the UK and going to areas with poor mobile coverage. For more information on how to use Google Maps offline, visit Google. I hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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