How to get deep brine

Slime Rancher’s Slime Science system allows players to craft all sorts of useful items, and some recipes require Deep Brine.

slime ranchers The slime science system allows players to create useful gadgets and items to help grow slimes. Quite a few of Slime Science’s creations require the use of Deep Brine as an ingredient, and this guide will show you how to obtain this useful resource.

slime rancher A first-person life simulation adventure game developed and published by Monomi Park. The game follows Beatrix Lebeau as she starts a new life in her range, growing different slimes for different purposes and harvesting plots.

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Option 1: Build and Deploy a Pump

Slime Science allows players to craft a number of resource gathering gadgets that can be placed around the Far Far Range to gather resources such as drills, apiaries and pumps. These come in varying qualities and can be deployed to harvest resources from regions. Each extractor takes him 12 hours in-game to complete one cycle. Higher quality extractors run more cycles before breaking and are more likely to extract higher quality resources.

The pump is the extractor required to obtain deep brine and can be created using 10 pink plots, 6 tabby plots, and 3 boom plots. Higher quality pumps allow for more efficient harvesting, but Deep Brine is a common resource, so it’s not too difficult to obtain using a basic pump. To do so, the player must pay 10,000 Newbuck to access the Ranch Lab expansion and spend 500 Newbuck to unlock the blueprints in the Builder Shop.

Once the player has access to the pump, they can get deep brine by placing it on a dry leaf. This is the only place the pump produces deep brine.

Option 2: Treasure Pod

Another way to capture deep brine slime rancher Obtained from Treasure Pods. Labs and Dry Leaf have numerous Treasure Pods, and Ancient Ruins grant Deep Brine when opened. The Treasure Cracker upgrade is unlocked once enough gadgets have been crafted in the Lab. MKII unlocks at 20 gadgets, MKIII at 50.

slime rancher Available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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