How the once toxic Shia LaBeouf is staging a comeback in Hollywood

Even Shia LaBeouf would agree that he’s against type when the actor tackles the role of a saint in his new film.

But he may be on his way to Hollywood redemption.

For the past year and a half, LaBeaouf has stayed out of the spotlight after being accused of sexual assault by the singer’s ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs.

Meanwhile, he’s reunited with his wife, Mia Goth, and as he recently revealed, they have a five-month-old daughter, Isabel, who he said gave him a “new purpose.”


LaBeouf said that he and Mia Goth's baby daughter, Isabel, encouraged him to become a better person.
LaBeouf said that he and Mia Goth’s baby daughter, Isabel, encouraged him to become a better person.

And multiple sources told Page Six that the 36-year-old former child star is returning to Hollywood’s good graces: Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker, Natalie Emmanuel, Jon Voight, and Lawrence Fish. Byrne appears.

In LaBeouf’s latest film, Padre Pio, which debuted at this week’s Venice Film Festival, he plays a real-life 20th-century “radical rebellious saint,” embracing both psychic demons and burning rage on screen. fight.

The actor, who hails from a Jewish family, recently told Bishop Robert Baron of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries that he converted to the Roman Catholic Church while studying for the role of Pio.

Now he even claims that Koeda and her accusations saved his life.

“Suffering is really a gift,” LaBeouf told Bishop Barron, adding of Twigs: All this me.

the actor said so "eternally" Make amends to his wife, Mia Goth.
The actor also said he would make amends “forever” with his wife, Mia Goth.
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“I wanted to go on Twitter and write all these things. is a saint in my life she saved my life it happened, the perspective switch feels miraculous… there is no other way i could have done it on my own was.

He also reached out to his mother, Shayna Saide, after a message popped into his head while learning to recite the Rosary.

“I was abusing women, shooting dogs, and willingly giving STDs to women,” LaBeouf confessed to the bishop. is.”

Despite the actor’s public decline, his former Twigs — real name Talia DeBrett Burnett — sued the actor in December 2020 for sexually assaulting, assaulting, and inflicting emotional distress on her. We are still proceeding with the lawsuit.

The two met on the set of the movie “Honey Boy” released in 2018 and have been dating for eight months. She accuses him of “relentless abuse”, including choking her, threatening to crash the car the two were in, and intentionally giving her a sexually transmitted disease. also said the actor kept a gun by his bed. The actor seems to have publicly confessed a lot, but LaBeouf has denied her allegations.

Singer FKA Twigs is set to appear in court on April 17 over abuse allegations against ex LaBeouf.
Singer FKA Twigs is set to appear in court on April 17 over abuse allegations against ex LaBeouf.
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A court date is set for April 17, 2023 in Los Angeles. He’s playing a saint in his new movie, and he’s taking on that persona that he tends to do a lot in his movies. is not limited. ”

“All Twigs ever wanted was for Shea to get the right help and take responsibility for his actions,” a source familiar with the situation said. We want to prevent injuries and give survivors a voice.”

A source close to the “Cellophane” singer previously told Page Six that she remained “traumatized” by her relationship with LaBeouf and still suffers from PTSD from their time together. rice field.

Representatives for Twigs and LaBeouf declined to comment.

The revelation of LaBeouf’s Path to Enlightenment was caused, in part, by actor/director Olivia Wilde. ”

LaBeouf recently suggested that Twigs' abuse accusations saved his life.
LaBeouf recently suggested that Twigs’ abuse accusations saved his life.
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It becomes part of the fable of the film, starring Wilde’s real-life boyfriend – Harry Styles, who took over the role of LaBeouf – and Florence Pugh.

But when Wilde repeated his claims, adding that his process required “combat energy,” LaBeouf struck back with revenge, telling Variety last month.

In an email to Wilde, LaBeouf denied being fired, instead claiming he “quit the film due to lack of rehearsal time.”

he said: I now write to you with 627 days of sobriety and a moral compass that never existed before my great humility which was his last year and his quarter of life. write. I contacted you several months ago to make amends. And I still hope that someday we can find a space in our hearts to forgive us for the failed collaborations we shared. ”

LaBeouf also used email to talk about his ex.

“My failures with Twigs are basic and real, but not the narrative presented. I am silent because I am trying,” he wrote.

After Olivia Wilde suggested she fired LaBeouf "darling don't worry" The actor released a public email to her to protect himself.
After Olivia Wilde hinted that LaBeouf was fired from ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ the actor released a public email to her to protect himself.
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A source familiar with the matter said Twigs is focused on making music and videos, but added, “She’s trying to keep going, but of course every time this kind of thing happens, it’s not hard.” added.

“In all of these stories he says he has a job, but she doesn’t know what he does,” said a former LaBeouf close friend. Going is not the same as anger management.”

A source with knowledge of LaBeouf told Page Six that he is “fully committed to living a healthy life, making better decisions, and taking care of himself and his family.”

The actor has been arrested 11 times so far, breaking the law for a variety of crimes, from public drunkenness and disorderly conduct to attempting to stab a neighbor.

But as he wrote in an email to Wilde, “I have a little girl, Isabel. She is five months old and just starting to develop her second half of laughter. Wow. Mia, wife, and We have found each other again and are traveling towards a healthy family with love and mutual respect.”

Harry Styles replaced LaBeouf "darling don't worry" Co-starring Florence Pugh, it will be released on September 23rd.
Harry Styles has replaced LaBeouf in “Don’t Worry Darling,” which will be released September 23, alongside Florence Pugh.
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Speaking to podcast host Jon Berthnal this week about how he was “mad” and “hurt a lot of people” before his daughter was born, LeBeouf told podcast host Jon Berthnal that becoming a father was “some kind of weird reset.” “It’s like pushing a button,” he said. he lives his life

“She’s testing me,” he explained. “It’s like having the ultimate parole officer. I need someone to hold me accountable.”

LaBeouf says he’s “learning to be a principled person” and plans to fix a “long list” of things that have hurt him in the past. “I was a disloyal, uncaring, horrible human being, based on survival instincts,” he said. “My love and friendships were all transactional.”

LaBeouf and Goth are heading out with their daughter Isabel in late August.
LaBeouf and Goth are heading out with their daughter Isabel in late August.

He said, “For my wife’s sake, I will make amends for the rest of my life.

The actor also Googled his daughter’s name one day and learned that her father was seen as part of a “deplorable and disgusting s–t. Who I am in public.” The relationship with her she knows me more than this idea of ​​what is.

Despite Wilde claiming LaBeouf was difficult on set, “Pio” director Abel Ferrara told Variety this week that he wouldn’t mind working with him. I struggled with drugs and alcohol and now he’s been sober for 10 years… This movie is as much about Sia’s struggles as it is about Padre his Pio. out. “

As one top Hollywood production source told Page Six: His email to Olivia seems to honestly take responsibility for his past actions and reflections. Let’s look. ”

But another industry insider cautioned, albeit optimistically.

“It’s helpful to show that Shire is moving on and he can make a movie,” the insider said. This will take some time.”


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