How Rainbow Six Siege can weaken Thatcher without making it obsolete

as in all seasons rainbow six siege, Operation Brutal Swam, sees many changes to Ubisoft’s tactical shooter. New recoil changes, a permanent addition to the beloved Stadium map, and a new offensive operator called Grimm are just a few of the highlights of this new season. All of these elements are trying to shake up the game in their own way, but the introduction of one of his new additions, the Impact EMP Grenade, is set to change certain operators in a big way.

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That operator is Mike Baker, aka Thatcher.Thatcher was metapic rainbow six siege As long as the game is over. His EMP Grenade Primary His gadget disables defender electronics and provides the team with breakthrough and breakthrough opportunities. Now that the Impact EMP grenade could put Thatcher out of business, Ubisoft did the right thing by making the English operator’s gadget better than the Impact version.

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Impact EMP grenade impact

When Operation Brutal Swam launches on September 6th, Attack Operators Sledge, Nok, Blackbeard, Montagne, Lion, Dokkei, Osa, Gridlock, and Recruit will have access to the Impact EMP Grenade. Throwing these secondary his gadgets on the surface disables the electronics of defenders within a 2 meter radius of him for 9 seconds. The Impact EMP Grenade has two charges, so the operator using it should be careful when and where to use it. With new secondary gadgets in his arsenal, these nine Operators of his can stand in as Thatcher’s replacements.

Not only does this give attackers more options, it also opens up versatility for operators carrying Impact EMP grenades. An example of this is his Nokk. Her primary role is to infiltrate angles the defensive team doesn’t expect her to come. Nokk can sneak into her place with the Hel Presence Reduction Device. If the defending team is distracted by friendly action, Nokk can throw Impact Her Emp Her Grenade into the middle of enemy defenses to get into the commotion. Players have so much fun coming up with unique techniques and combinations for using Impact EMP Grenades that the Operator who picks them up feels somewhat fresh and new.

don’t forget thatcher

Compared to the Impact EMP grenade, Thatcher’s EG MKO-EMP grenade is far more versatile. For starters, he can bounce and roll for 3 seconds before detonating. This allows for cheeky bank shots off walls, or throwing drone holes to add distance to grenades. The EG MKO-EMP grenade also has a longer range and lasts longer. It has an effective radius of 5.2 meters (more than double the radius of the Impact EMP Grenade) and a duration of 15 seconds. This extra space and time gives attackers like Thermite a bigger window to plan and execute. Most of it involves using a hard breach charge on a fortified wall or rotating to another position.

Thatcher’s EG MKO-EMP grenade has three charges, allowing for more versatility when destroying defender electronics. Suppose an attacker like Dokkaebi uses up all the impact his Emp grenades and realizes the team needs another blackout. Thatcher has his EG MKO-EMP grenades, which he used two of, but swoops in and he can throw one. Having his EMP grenades in reserve could mean the difference between an attacking team’s ability to hit a target or not, and Thatcher is a master when it comes to making certain defenders obsolete.

The Impact EMP Grenade is an alternative to Thatcher, but Thatcher is the best. His EG MKO-EMP grenades have great range, duration, and high charges, and can be used in more creative ways than just flinging them at surfaces. Thatcher’s pick rate will definitely drop next season, but that doesn’t mean the Operator will be useless.

rainbow six siege Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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