How can I protect the data on my computer from hackers?

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Here are some useful tips to protect your computer from unauthorized intervention and criminal activity. They provide maximum protection for your gadget and ensure the safety of your personal data.

Hackers are virtual delinquents whose purpose is to hold someone else’s personal information. They “hack” internet-connected gadgets and use them for their own purposes (copy, delete, or steal data). In many cases, you may not even be aware that your computer is being attacked.

Hacker attacks are usually carried out by installing special programs that provide access to all computer data. Users unknowingly open access to all data to attackers. To protect yourself and protect yourself as much as possible from criminal hackers, we recommend using our tips.

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Choose complex and secure passwords

This simple rule is very effective. The more complex the password, the more difficult it is to crack it and access the hidden data. Do not use personal information that may relate to you (important dates, names of relatives). A strong password must consist of at least 8 characters and contain a variety of characters (numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, computer icons).

Don’t ignore firewall usage

A firewall is a special program that reliably creates a cyber barrier between your data and the outside world. Thanks to these programs, hackers will not be able to access your device and all hacking attempts will be highlighted instantly. So don’t forget to activate the protection program before accessing the Internet.

don’t open spam

Ignore letters from strangers and do not open unknown links. There are filtering programs today to “catch” spam, but attackers are getting more sophisticated. Therefore, if in doubt, remove any suspicious files immediately.

Download an antivirus program

Viruses are now a true cyber disease. Hundreds of virus programs attack computers every day, trying to adversely affect their operation. Viruses can slow down your gadget, delete key files, damage pieces of software, copy information, or even bring your machine to a complete halt. That’s why having an antivirus program is so important, especially if your device is always connected to the internet.

Power off the machine if possible

Turn off the power at night or when the computer is not in use. Without network access, hackers cannot break into your device. So if you don’t have an urgent need to use your device 24 hours a day, let it rest.

Install an antispyware program

Even if you don’t have sensitive information on your device, don’t ignore this advice. In addition to collecting and copying data, these malicious programs display unwanted advertisements and cause visits to potentially dangerous websites. Additionally, these spies are difficult to detect and difficult to eradicate.

Work with two-way authentication

We recommend using additional authorizations in addition to passwords. This largely protects against hacker attacks. The essence of this method is that, in addition to your password, you will have to enter an additional code that will be sent to the specified phone number or e-mail address. Since it is new every time, it is extremely difficult to distinguish and break it.

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Use the tips above to defend your computer and avoid visiting questionable sites whenever possible. You can stay out of trouble and protect yourself from cyberpunks by maximizing the protection of your computer and setting rules to behave discreetly on the Internet.

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