How Amtrak’s Viral Train Tweet Influenced Twitter and Made It So Concise

Someone on Amtrak’s social media team may be on the fast track to promotion. A one-word tweet from the rail service’s official Twitter account on Thursday took off faster than a super-fast bullet train.

“Electric train” tweet says easy.

Four hours after the account tweeted the minimalist message, it was retweeted more than 14,000 times, garnering nearly 85,000 likes and over 1,400 comments. This included responses from multiple brands sharing their own one-word descriptor.

“news,” The Washington Post tweeted. “Wireless,” wrote an NPR. Marriott Bonvoy spoke up “hotel”, Intuit Mailchimp went along Onpoint “Mail”, and NASA Chose a sleeper: “Universe”.

CNET Riding the trend: as in “technology” CNET Cars: “car.”

Asked for comment on the tweet, Amtrak simply replied, “It’s a train.” railway fan share A nice view from the train windowand many more snark and puns: “Yes. Real trains. Wired. Electric!” “This is a truck,” several people pointed out about the meme-generating tweet.

Amtrak joins Wendy’s There are others as the latest seemingly old-school, more traditional companies that use social media to distort their own perceptions through bizarre posts that go viral, attract and haunt the media public. . But perhaps nothing is more concise than me Learn more from CNET colleague Queenie Wongcompanies attempt every trick, stunt, or ruse they can think of to catch their eye online, sometimes with varying results.

“This went from cute and quirky tweet to silly meme on brand Twitter in record time,” wrote one tweeter of the ubiquitous one-word form spurred by Amtrak. increase. “I don’t like it here”

Amtrak provides long-distance and intercity rail service to 46 of the 48 states in the continental United States and nine cities in Canada. Since this is the internet we’re talking about here, Amtrak’s tweets are an opportunity for Twitter users to respond with not only jokes, but complaints about Amtrak in particular and public transportation in the US compared to Europe and Japan. It is also general.

All of this can derail very quickly.

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