Here’s why foldable phones get backlash

At this point last year, Samsung had just become the proud owner of a folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Flip3.

For those unfamiliar, this is a smartphone-sized device folded in half.

We knew we’d hear it’s the phone we’ve been waiting for since the 2004 Motorola Razr clamshell. Finally, you have a gadget that fits in your pocket.

After 13 months, the dream is over. The “crease” line suddenly became significantly wider, turning silver a few days ago, the bottom half of the screen turned green, the top half became unresponsive, and ominous black clouds began to grow across the screen.

Here’s the harrowing story of one customer whose Flip 4 barely survived five hours after purchasing that phone.

I’m not alone; there are many people online who have had similar experiences. One Reddit user recently said his brand new gadget shattered after five hours.

Durability is essential for success.

In 2019, foldable phones debuted with a lot of enthusiasm. There was a lot of speculation in the industry that this would be a device that would revive the stagnant smartphone industry, create new buzz for mobile phones and convince people to upgrade. rectangle.

According to Samsung, the current iteration should be able to withstand 200,000 folds. can’t confirm that. I’m a heavy phone user, but I can’t believe I’ve opened the phone so many times in his 13 months of ownership.

As for the “folding revolution,” Samsung claims to have sold over 10 million foldable phones by 2021. That same year, Apple sold more than 49 million of his iPhones in just three months, according to consumer data provider his Statista. As a result, foldable handsets remain a relatively small part of the multi-billion dollar smartphone business.

“We don’t see many foldable products that are damaged,” says Ben Wood of CCS Insight. [our data indicates] People in the UK have kept their phones for 4+ years and consumers want phones that last longer. “

“I’ve only seen it on TV!” said a woman who stopped me at a café. She just laughed when she asked if she wanted one.

In today’s world, flip phones can seem like a risky approach to the technology that millions of people depend on every day. but went back to low-cost Android until he thought about his next move.

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