Here’s the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Sex Deal

don’t worry darling Subject to controversy, memes, and not-so-stellar reviews, it hasn’t been seen by the public until today. I’m wondering what happened.

Much of the controversy revolved around allegations between star Florence Pugh and director Olivia Wilde. However, it was reported that Florence was unhappy with Olivia. I don’t know what happened) and B) much of the film’s coverage focused on sex scenes.

The press was largely contributed by Wilde himself, who has spoken out about the sex scene in multiple interviews. And why can we be satisfied with female pleasure? There are no men here, only women here!”

“It’s all about immediacy and extreme passion for each other,” Wild continued. “The unrealistic nature of their sex speaks to their ferocious desire for each other. I think it’s integral to the story itself and signifies how the audience connects with it. The cast and ‘s early conversations were about how audiences have to embrace fantasy.”

She also said that these scenes were intended to make the audience “understand how seldom seen women’s hunger, especially this kind of female pleasure”. so proud of her that she was so upset that the MPAA forced her to cut sex-related shots from the trailer. .”

But after watching the movie… Wilde’s comment is a bit of a headache. Not so radical. This is commendable. Overall, however, the scene does little beyond proving that Alice is happy to live in this fantasy world at first. This is clearly their intention, as evidenced by Wilde’s words that he wants audiences to “buy fantasy.”

However, without establishing much else in Alice and Jack’s relationship, the sex scene makes Alice’s motives appear reductive.

Frankly, there’s little else in Jack and Alice’s relationship than sex. Thanks to Pugh’s strong performance, Alice believes she loves Jack, but wonders why. Maybe, but despite his charm on stage, Styles seems to have none of it on camera.

Ultimately, gender is of little importance to the plot, so it seems like an odd choice that it was included in the trailer. As with many things, it felt like a marketing ploy. And Wilde’s comments about the scenes helped bring renewed attention to them, fetishizing rather than normalizing female pleasures, and making people think they weren’t for Florence’s frankly brilliant performance. Her sex scenes only make you want to watch the movie.

Florence herself describes her frustration when focusing on one of the sex scenes. It’s not the reason I’m in this industry. Many saw this as a direct response to Wilde’s continued comments about the scene, but it could also be a reference to media reactions to the scene.

don’t worry darling It’s clearly Florence Shaw. As with the film, the press and trailers had to be mostly devoted to her performance. Even in her Styles’ most emotional moments, it’s clear that her camera wants to point at her.

Even the fact of the “feud” itself is a distraction from this. Unfortunately, not only was Pugh’s famous performance thwarted by a script that wasn’t fully realized, but a marketing scheme that didn’t seem to recognize this, as well as a drama (I’m a part of it myself). ) and sex.

But especially disappointing is the fact that, at least to me, Wilde seems to have only added fuel to this media frenzy. Ultimately, I believe we all owe Pugh an apology.

I’m sorry, Miss Florence. Better next time.

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