“He knows what men like”

Denise Richards has revealed that she created the content for her OnlyFans page with the help of her husband, Aaron Feipers.

The 51-year-old actress, who announced in June that she had joined a subscription-based social media platform known primarily for adult content, explained that her spouse takes “a lot” of photos of her, saying she appreciates his creative input.

“Aaron takes a lot of my content for me. He knows what everyone likes,” the “Scary Movie 3” star told Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live on Thursday. Appeared in

デニス リチャーズは、夫のアーロン ファイパーズの助けを借りて、自分の OnlyFans ページのコンテンツを作成したことを明らかにしました。  <スパンクラス="著作権">Jill Toukas</span>” data-src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/ 8h4EWfhmcJnNS4e27Og_6g–~B/aD03MjA7dz0xMjgwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/”/><noscript><img alt=Jill Toukas” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/ -~B/aD03MjA7dz0xMjgwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/” class=”caas-img”/>

Denise Richards has revealed that she created the content for her OnlyFans page with the help of her husband, Aaron Feipers. Jill Toukas

She added, “I ask him, show him things and say, ‘What do you think?'”

Charlie Sheen’s ex Denise Richards vows to ‘support’ daughter Sami after actor disapproves of fan-only page

Richards and Feipers started dating in December 2017 and got married in September 2018.

A mother of three children, she addressed the misconception that OnlyFans’ content is all pornography, stating that “you can find it all there.”

Richards explained that she often chooses photos in bikinis and lingerie, and enjoys the freedom that the platform offers.

“I wear bikinis, I wear lingerie, I do sexy things. If only I could do something outside of the more conservative stuff that’s on Instagram,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum said. Said.

“I’ll show you my boobs, my tongue,” she added.

Denise Richards は 2018 年に Aaron Phypers と結婚しました。 <span class="著作権">Getty Images</span>” data-src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/ mzKbgoEw9sb9xW4pecevWw–~B/aD01NzY7dz0xMDI0O2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/″/><noscript><img alt=Getty Images” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Nw–/ -~B/aD01NzY7dz0xMDI0O2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/″ class=”caas-img”/>

Denise Richards married Aaron Feipers in 2018. Getty Images

“Then topless?” Lewis asked.

“Yeah, if you google it, I’m sure it’s already out there,” said the Illinois native.

Richards, who has appeared in racy scenes and photo shoots over the course of her career, has revealed that several photos on the Internet that are purported to be of her have been altered.

The actress joined OnlyFans just days after she announced that her 18-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, had launched a page.

Richards admitted he was “surprised” to find out his daughter joined OnlyFans, but went on to say that he thought Sami was “doing well with it.”

“She told me she was going to do it,” Richards said. “Frankly, I didn’t know or hear about OnlyFans. I’d never been there, so I wasn’t familiar with it.”

Richards continued, “I used to hear that.

“And the reason I wanted to participate was because she got so much backlash for it that I didn’t really think it was fair.”

She continued, “I’ve done something in my career. I’ve done Playboy, I’ve been in ‘Wild Things’, I’ve done sexy shoots and naughty movies before. I’ve been there before.

“And sometimes people say nasty things. More often than not, they do. But even on Instagram alone, when a lot of people post things like that, it’s like she’s this much.” I didn’t think it was fair to receive a backlash from

Richards shares Sami and daughter Laura, 17, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, 56. She is also the mother of her daughter Eloise, 11.

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Sheen told E! News that he “did not tolerate” Sami’s choice to join OnlyFans.

The actor said, “She’s 18 now and lives with her mother. This didn’t happen under my roof.

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