‘Glee’ star Lea Michele deals with her past — and rumors she can’t read

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Lea Michele, who rose to fame for her role on ‘Glee’, opened up about her troubled past as she prepares to make her debut on Broadway in ‘Funny Girl’.

Before appearing on ‘Funny Girl’, Michele, 36, publicly addressed and apologized to accusations from ‘Glee’ cast members. The actress talked about what she learned from that time in her life in her recent interview.

The accusations seemingly caused Michele to have an “intense time of reflection.”

“I now really understand the importance and value of being a leader,” the actress told The New York Times. And it hasn’t always been the most important thing for me.”

Co-star Samantha Ware accused Michele of making her life a “living hell” in 2020 while on the set of “Glee,” claiming the actress threatened to poop on her wig.

“She said I didn’t deserve the job,” Ware further claimed in an interview with Variety at the time.

Lea Michele opened up about her past behavior as she prepares to take on a new role on Broadway "funny girl."

Lea Michele has opened up about her past behavior as she prepares to take on a new role in Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’.
(Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Lea Michele’s ‘Funny Girl’ casting slammed by Samantha Ware

“She talked about how she ruled. And here’s the thing. But by that point, we were already respectful, and she was abusing her power.”

Ware didn’t think Michelle was racist.

“Am I calling Lee racist? No,” the actress told Variety. “Does Lee have racist tendencies? She thinks Lee suffers from symptoms that she lives in an industry catered to white people in this world.”

“Glee” actress Heather Morris appeared to back up Ware’s claims in a tweet at the time.

Lea Michele also addressed rumors that she was illiterate and called them out "sad."

Lea Michele also addressed rumors that she was illiterate, calling them “sad”.
(Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

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“If Lee treats others disrespectfully like she used to, I think she should be blamed,” she wrote.

Michele claimed her “perfectionism” and the expectation of performing at that level pushed her into a “half-robotic state.”

“I have the edge. I work really hard. There is no room for error,” Michele told the outlet. I left a blind spot.”

Michele’s casting in “Funny Girl” was criticized by Ware on social media.

“Yes, I’m online today,” Ware wrote on Twitter after the news of Michele’s new role was announced.

Yes I am affected. yes i am human yes i am black Yes I was abused. Yes my dreams have been tainted. Yes, Broadway does. Yes, so does Hollywood. Yes, silence is complicity. yes i am picky Yes I will do it again. “

Samantha Ware has accused Lea Michele of actions she claims happened while filming the movie. "Gree." (Getty Images)

Samantha Ware called out Lea Michele for an action she claimed took place on the set of “Glee.” (Getty Images)


Elsewhere in the interview, Michele addressed rumors that she was illiterate and said that if she had been “a man” she would not have dealt with the online hate she receives on a daily basis.

“I went to ‘Glee’ every day. I knew my lines every day,” she said. I often think that many things are not.”

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