Giants’ new administration clarifies preferences after roster decision

One of the first moves the Giants’ new regime made was to part ways with team captain and starting safety Logan Ryan.

One of the last moves made by the new Giants administration before the real season began was to part ways with Blake Martinez, who is best remembered as team captain and starting inside linebacker.

From franchise faces to ex-franchise faces.

There’s no question that Ryan and Martinez were the “Joe Judge guys”, card-carrying members of the culture and leadership ideals he hoped to instill. Dumping them was not part of a thinly veiled plan to wipe out the remaining roster of old coaching staff favorites. No, sometimes callous and often a way of redemption. along with new ones.

When you go to battle on the field each week, it’s a good idea to go up or down with as many players as possible.

General Managers Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll’s vision is gaining traction. The first iteration of what they wanted their starting roster to look like was a hodgepodge, left over from losing a Giants team, rookie draft picks, strategically placed (and very cheap) ) are rookie veterans, many of whom were previously associated with Shane, Dabor, or someone on Dabor’s staff (often Wink Martindale, the defensive coordinator).

Joe Schoen (left) and Brian Daboll
Joe Shane (left) and Brian Daboll cut off many vestiges from the previous administration.
Bill Costrone/New York Post

Daboll empowered Martindale by allowing the 59-year-old to have a bigger say in hiring defensive assistants. Daboll thought it would make sense to give Martindale more information since he would work very closely with the group. After his ten years in Baltimore, Martindale brought in outside linebackers coach Dean Wilkins and inside linebackers coach John Heegorg from the Ravens.

Daboll and Martindale chose people they knew for the most part.

On offense, backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor and practice team quarterback Davis Webb were with Buffalo’s Dabor and Shane. So did center John Feliciano, running backs Matt Breda and Antonio Williams, and new Waiver Claims offensive lineman Jack Anderson. Offensively his lineman tires his Phillips was his pick in the Ravens draft. On defense, Martindale’s former Ravens players include defensive end Jihard Ward, defensive his tackle Justin Ellis, a new addition to the practice team, safety his Tony Jefferson, and linebacker his Chuck Wylie. .

Whenever possible, go with someone you know.

This is what Giants owners should have expected, and the 2022 team has a flavor of the Bills/Ravens that will require patience.

“John [Mara, co-owner] “I have really good conversations,” Shane said. With every move that makes, we tell him what we are thinking and why.He is a good sounding board.He has a lot of experience.He has a lot of experience with Dubs. He let me do the work, so he understands what we’re trying to do.”

wink martindale
wink martindale
Robert Sabo of NY POST

Schoen and Daboll found themselves in a tough spot. Indeed, arriving and tasked with fixing a trampled program is comparable to a rebuilding course. there is. Shane’s salary cap budget was kept to a minimum, and he looked for bargains and mid-career talent to hit the 53-person limit.

There were some — few — gems left to preserve and nurture. Left tackle Andrew Thomas. Free Safe and Xavier McKinney. Azeez Oljulari perhaps as a pass rusher. First-round picks Kavon Thibodeau and Evan Neal should be fixtures on defense and offense, respectively. The two most prominent returnees, quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley, are in the final year of their contracts, telling Shane and Davor that they’re part of the plan and just a stopgap placeholder. There is one season that will convince you that it is not.

“They did everything we asked them to do,” says Schoen. “They were really good teammates. Some of them you mentioned are captains and I think that’s important. That’s an important part of what we’re trying to build here. And Their leadership is very important as we are going to make some changes. That’s it.”

Health and production will be particularly good in Jones and Barkley’s quest to stay. At this point next year, will either of them remain on the roster as the “Shane and Davor guys”?


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